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Vidello Review: The Best New Professional Video Hosting Service

vidello review


Hey there! It’s raining outside after a terribly hot week and today I’m glad to bring you a cool service named Vidello.

I have just got my Vidello review access yesterday, so this post is for all of my readers who have been asking non-stop about it. This product is gonna be hot for its valuable offer in every package. But firstly, let’s take a look to get the most comprehensive evaluation of its features with me.

Check my Vidello review below to see what you need!


There is the obvious fact that VSL is among the advanced tools which convert much better than boring sales page with texts only. But if YouTube is chosen for hosting your video sales letters, you customers would click away on the logo of YouTube. Then they will be sent away from the sales page and get into a world of distraction made by YouTube entertainment.

You have usually just 1 shot to deliver your marketing message to your potential customer or lead. All you want from the VSL is the traffic to engage in your entire message and they click on the buy button to make the sale.

That’s why you need a tool rather than YouTube to get your conversions back, split-test and track your videos, see advanced analytics, and ensure the maximum results!

Vidello is the brand new video marketing platform to give you all functions you need for managing and boosting your VSL. Not just a video hosting service, Vidello provides many other great features to support your video marketing campaigns. Let’s see all of them in my Vidello review right below.

Vidello Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Josh Ratta
  • Product Name: Vidello
  • Niche: Video Marketing
  • Launch Date: Jun 13, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Official Price: $47-$97
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended
  • Customer Support: Fast and Effective
  • Refund: 30 days money back guarantee

What is Vidello?


Vidello is a video hosting and marketing platform with more advanced marketing features than any other hosting platforms in the market. With the reasonable price, it is very cost-effective. It’s the ultimate tool for anyone who is working with video marketing or product promoting. While the famous video hosting services like Wistia or Vimeo take much money for their brand and reputation, Vidello actually offers more value at cheaper price.

What’s about YouTube? Let’s not talk about it. If you are wanting to increase your sales using video, then you need to really dump YouTube and use a professional video hosting solution. It goes under your control and you also have more tools to manage and leverage your results and conversions.

The next part of my Vidello review is the feature list of this software which provides you a better look at what it can do for you.

Key Features of Vidello

There are many features that the creators said to be phenomenal on their sales page. However, the list below includes only the best things which got me impressed. If you want to see the full list of features, check the sales page at the bottom of this page.

Hosting & Streaming

Hosting & Streaming

Unlike with YouTube, you have a separated hosting service here for your videos. This service will secure your way of using and storing videos with the ability of streaming them online instantly with no interruption.

A/B video split testing

video split testing

Now, A/B testing is the trendy function of every great software recently. With it, you can optimize your video campaign by testing many videos in the same condition to see the winner. It’s a better way to analyze and get the best results.

Unique marketing CTAs

Unique marketing CTA's

There is a very handy function of Vidello that allows you to insert the CTA directly to your video right from the dashboard. There are many templates to choose and style for your brand which are designed to attract people’s attention.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

With YouTube, you don’t know for sure how your videos are doing. Well, here with Vidello, you have all information to track their performance with advanced and thorough analytics. The data is easy to see and manage with even geo-based reports.

Lower thirds & animations

Lower thirds & animations

To get a professional look, you have to put some lower thirds on your videos. Normally, it takes a lot of work and a professional video editor to create those things. Vidello allows you to insert the lower thirds and cool animations to your videos right from the library, all free. You don’t have to buy the expensive AE or lower third package online to professionalize your videos.

Video frames and skins

Vidello has an option of video frame styling. You can present the videos with better design of frames and borders. There are also many types of frames and borders to choose for any niches which you can add with just a click.

Special Coupon Function

It’s a strong hit to everyone’s point while you can attach the coupon registration form right on the video. Everyone loves coupons and discounts. And that’s exactly why your videos with coupons will get all the attention. There are presets for coupon designs, and you can easily insert the coupon codes. You can also customize and set the expired time of the coupon. I think you and your viewers will love this function.

So, those are all interesting functions in my opinion. If you are interested in Vidello, let’s look right below in my Vidello review to see how easy it works.

How It Works?

It’s very simple. Even when you are a complete newbie who has never used a video hosting service, Vidello is still very friendly to use. Here are some steps you may want to follow if you come to this software the first time:

Step 1: Upload your original video to Vidello’s system

Step 2: Customize the video with frames, CTAs, coupons, and so on

Step 3: Choose to stream the video online or use it other ways

Step 4: Get the activity report and see how well your video is doing.

Watch the Vidello demo video below to take a closer look


This is my recommended process for new users of Vidello. Now, for further evaluation and comparison, take a look at my Vidello review down here.

Vidello Review – Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Great valued offer with smaller investment
  • Including clear instruction and inbuilt CTAs
  • Fast customer support from the creator team
  • Affordable price

The Cons

To be frank, there is rarely a big drawback of Vidello that I can see.

Vidello vs. other video hosting services

vidello comparison

Well, if you make an easy search on Google about “the best” video hosting services, the results may come up with Wistia and Vimeo. This is the two biggest video hosting services with inbuilt features to help you get the ultimate control of your videos. I don’t count YouTube here because it is just a free video platform that only allows embed videos on your site.

About the functionality, Vidello shows a lot of winning features. If you take a look at the supporting features of Wistia and Vimeo, you will not see any function to help get your videos attractive. There’s no frames, lower-thirds, animations, and so on. Vidello is also the only one providing on-screen CTAs and coupon codes. While Wistia doesn’t provide the analytics, Vimeo does but much less details than Vidello.

About the price, Vidello also charges users at a more reasonable price for storage than both the other two. Vimeo sells their space at $18/mo for 80GB monthly upload. Wistia makes it at $99/mo for 200GB upload. And Vidello takes it the best deal with only $27/mo for 200GB upload.

Who Should Use Vidello?

Vidello is not a free services of video hosting so it’s for the amateurs. If you run video marketing campaigns and want to use advanced features to build a professional look with detailed analytics running for you, Vidello is the best choice right now. I recommend it to all medium and big businesses, advanced online marketers, and video bloggers.

My Verdict

Vidello Review: The Best New Professional Video Hosting Service
Vidello is one of the best deals I saw in this 2017. While big brands like Vimeo charges a lot of money for their reputation and branding, it’s not fair for low-budget customers. People would want to come with a better service provider who offers the real value at the reasonable price. And I think Vidello is the one you need to replace Wistia and Vimeo.
9.8 Total Score
Highly Recommended

Vidello is one of the best deals I saw in this 2017. While big brands like Vimeo charges a lot of money for their reputation and branding, it’s not fair for low-budget customers. People would want to come with a better service provider who offers the real value at the reasonable price. And I think Vidello is the one you need to replace Wistia and Vimeo.

User Rating: 4.25 (1 votes)

Vidello Review Conclusion

Vidello is available for purchases today – June 11, 2017 – at the very discount launch price of only $21.60/mo for the most basic plan.

You also get to choose higher plans of 400GB and 1TB monthly upload if needed. This early-bird price is a limited time offer only and it will end after the launch time.

So if you want to pick this 20% discount up, you should get this offer as soon as possible. And make sure you purchase it through the official sales page down below for a secured transaction.




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This is all I’ve got to tell you in this Vidello review. If you runs into any trouble buying its license, contact me through this page right away. Thank you for reading!

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