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Leadifly Review – Brings more leads to your websites

This Leadifly Review is going to reveal a stunning tool designed to show you how to create lead magnets. Let’s check out and find out!

Leadifly Review


Well leads hold a very important role in how much profits we receive from online business. That explains why so many marketers constantly seek new ways to create leads magnets.

Now if you spend one minute searching on the Internet, you will see that there are thousands of results showing you how to build leads magnet. And you may feel overwhelmed by all of those things.

Luckily, I have figured out a tool that shows you how to build a lead magnet that has never been easier than before. It’s called Leadifly. The cool thing about it is that anyone can use it, literally anyone, including newbies, can use Leadifly to grow the business.

Want to find out more? Follow my Leadifly Review and I will show you all you want to know.

What is Leadifly?


Leadifly is a WordPress plugin that lets users create links and content to share on forums and social networks. The purpose of this tool is to drive huge traffic and instant leads as well.

To be more specific, Leadifly connects right to Facebook in order to gather viewers’ information. After they click confirm, you will have one more name on your email list. The visitors are also forwarded to the content they want to visit.

With Leadifly you can:

  • Create a professional look for your brand with metadata posts
  • Be at the cutting edge of new Facebook advertising tips
  • Promote your fan pages in a much better way
  • Build viral links with your posts
  • Send viewers on desktop to any page
  • Boost engagement
  • Target active users without PPC
  • Boost sales and commissions

About author

The vendor of Leadifly is Paul Okeeffe. Paul has launched a couple of products including Vlydo, SaaS Rebrander, Tracks Social and IM Net Summit. They all received good feedbacks from users all over the world.

Now we shall move onto the next part of the Leadifly Review to find out more about its features.

Detailed Features of Leadifly

  • Lock any content on your site until the user opts in via Facebook, and then instantly adding them to your email list.
  • Create links to content anywhere that require Facebook opt-in, adding users email to your list after they click.
  • Send out Facebook notifications containing clickable links to subscribers whenever you want, without having to pay for email services.
  • Send subscribers an instant Facebook message as soon as they join. This is ideal for keeping people engaged and interested in what you have to say.
  • Integrate it directly with email service providers including MailChimp, Sendlane, Active Campaign and Get Response.
  • Fully compliant with Facebook’s terms of service by using API.
  • No experience is needed in developing Facebook apps, even a newbie can do.


Take Action Now!

Now, the price is only $27, so if you intend to buy Leadifly, action now because the price will increase rapidly. Remember you can try it out for 30 days money back guarantee - no question asked !


How It Works?

Leadifly will be displayed on your WP page and it comes with two triggers:

  • Leadifly buttons which can be shown in your post or in widgets
  • Leadifly links such as Facebook posts, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn, forum topic and so much more

With Leadifly, you can create Facebook Lead funnels as simple as this:

Step 1: Install Leadifly on your WordPress

Step 2: Connect to your Facebook accounts

Step 3: Share the links

Step 4: enjoy the leads coming

It’s as simple as that.

Now watch the demo video below to see how Leadifly works!

UI demo


Facebook App Set Up tutorial

Pros & Cons


  • Newbie friendly
  • Drive lead effectively
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable price


I haven’t found any cons of Leadifly yet!

My Evaluation

In this part of the Leadifly Review, I am going to show you what I think Leadifly does better than other products, and what does not.

First of all, as you can see, Leadifly makes use of the Facebook platform to drive leads. The best thing about Leadifly is that it does not require Facebook approval at all. Even if you are a newbie with little to no experience in relevant fields, Leadifly would not be a problem to you.

Secondly, as you can see from the above parts that the viewers shall give us their details. What Leadifly does best is not pushing it too hard, which means they will not feel pressured to give in their information. This is what I love about the tool.

Moving to the other side, in fact, Leadifly does not have any particular thing that makes you annoyed or irritated. However, one thing you may want to consider is that this tool works great on Facebook only. If your lead sources come from other sources, then you may need some other choices.

The Verdict

Leadifly Review – Brings more leads to your websites
Simple, easy to use and perfect for turning website visitors into potential customers. Anyone who can post a link can now generate leads. Leadifly is a must for anyone who has struggled to build a responsive email list in the past.
9.5 Total Score
Highly Recommended

Simple, easy to use and perfect for turning website visitors into potential customers. Anyone who can post a link can now generate leads. Leadifly is a must for anyone who has struggled to build a responsive email list in the past.

User Rating: 4.3 (1 votes)

I luckily received a trial version from the vendor. My overall evaluation of the tool is that it works simply yet effectively. I don’t need to use much of brain power to find out how to use this tool or how to figure things out.

The customer service is also amazing. They responded pretty quickly and gave me a pretty clear explanation for things I have yet to understand. In short, for such a price, Leadifly is worth buying.

If you are constantly seeking new ways to drive more leads, you may want to consider this tool!

You can buy Leadifly for the front-end price of only $27 (%15 off)- amazing, right? Anyone can get for themselves a tool like Leadifly without emptying the pocketbook. This is why I marked Leadifly as “Highly recommended”.

I remind you that the price will increase during the launch and then up to $47 in the next few days, so if you intend to buy it, you must quickly


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Thank you!


This is the end of my Leadifly Review. I hope you would find out what you need from my points of views. Thanks for following! Good luck!

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