How to get Cashback


  • The cashback policy is only for those who are already my customer – peoples who had bought at least one product from my site. If this is the first time you buy from my site, you won’t get cashback but you’ll receive my special bonuses which i listed in the review article!
  • In second purchase, you’ll get 10% OFF
  • Since third purchase, you will get 20% OFF

To receive cashback, send me the receipt of the previous purchases (if you want to get 20% OFF , give me two previous receipts is enough) and your Paypal email in message to support@mark-review.com . I will give you cashback within 24 hours.

In the case you lost or can’t find the receipt of the previous purchases, send me the Paypal transaction ID.

How can I find my PayPal transaction ID?

Paypal transaction ID can’t be lost. Go to your Paypal account, click on activity where you can find all transactions.

Try to remember the date range you bought this product and use it to filter.


Find the transaction of your purchase, and click on it , you will find the transaction ID.

transaction id


This is the special deal which you can’t find on other sites.

There are many interesting futures products which you will love. So, if this is the first time you purchase on my site, you should add my site on your bookmark bar, and you will get cashback in the next purchase. I will send you the notification email for new hot launching!

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