Viper Cache Review – The Best WordPress Speed Optimizion Plugin in 2018

Viper Cache Review

Page speed is a already a ranking factor but, what’s less well know is that there’s a new algorithm update in July 2018 that affects mobile search. Google will essentially be ranking sites higher that load faster on mobile… which is a pretty serious update as 52% of all traffic is mobile nowadays… so like it or not you have to make your sites load faster or your competitors will get the traffic.

Read this article to know why page loading time is very important in 2018

OK so pretty much everyone on the planet knows that if you run a WordPress site today you should be using cache plugins to speed up your site…

It’s by far the most effective way to get a huge speed boost.. & if you’re not doing this you are 100% leaving money on the table as slower sites get lower rankings, less traffic & less sales.

However, even the best WordPress cache products are problematic…

1. Current cache plugins are complicated to use & often break your site

2. Most free cache plugins are frequently exploited by hackers.

3. All cache plugins clear the cache on ALL pages even if you change 1 word on 1 page… which means vital server resources are used to rebuild your site cache

4. Cache preloading features cause even more site lag especially on larges sites.

So which is the best cache plugin on the market today? The answer will surprise you

Here’s a side by side WordPress Cache Plugin Test: Viper Cache!

If fact it beat the best product on the market by 77%

Viper Cache based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet

– It doesn’t play god with your themes or plugins so there is fewer conflicts

– It’s stupidly simple to use with much fewer settings than any other product

– It’s built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking

– It has smart cache clearing & rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources or slow your site down like other products

– It’s built using the fastest cache features without compromise on site stability

Viper Cache also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots & know site scrapers – which makes it unique on the market

What is Viper Cache?

Viper Cache

Viper Cache is based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet… we’ve built a more sensible cache that resolves these problems:

– it doesn’t play god with your themes & plugins yet still achieves highest performance scores

– it’s stupidly simple to use with fewer settings than ALL other cache products

– It’s built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking

– it has smart clearing & rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources & slow it down

– It’s built using the fastest cache technology without compromise on site stability

Viper Cache also lowers you bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots & known site scrapers – which makes it’s 1st to market


The short answer is we believe it’s the fastest… the right answer is… it depends how you test and what factors you take into consideration… we cover a lot of this with a tutorial video on speed testing for customers.

Viper Cache Demo

Why you should buy Viper Cache?

Caching is the #1 way to speed up any WordPress site however all current cache plugins have problems which affect user experience & site performance:

Problem #1 – Current Cache Plugins Are Complicated… you need a university degree to find your way around cache settings nowadays – get just one setting wrong & your site breaks.

Problem #2 – Free Cache Plugins Are Frequently Hacked… there’s been 33 registered vulnerabilities in popular cache plugins in the last 3 years alone. Users are left with a choice of either gambling with their site security by using free cache products or using inferior underperforming paid plugins.

Problem #3 – Current Cache Plugins Hog Your Processor / Memory… through inefficient cache clearing & cache preloading… say you have a site with 100 pages & you make 1 text change to 1 page… then with current cache plugins all 100 cached pages will be deleted and your site now has to rebuild every cached page hogging your server processor & memory. This problem gets worse the bigger your site.

Problem #4 – Clashes With Many Common Themes & Plugins… over engineered cache plugins have a nasty habit of playing god with many themes & plugins giving you errors & white screens of death

The Best Paid Plugin is Not As Fast As Expected

The best paid product on the market was outperformed by it’s free alternatives. Independent tests carried out by designbombs.com in October 2017 showed that Rocket Cache the #1 paid cache plugin was outperformed by 2 free plugins.

Outstanding Features of Viper Cache

  • Smart Cache Clearing – it only auto clears cache on major site changes unlike competitors
  • Smart Cache Preloading – it auto rebuilds cache on your most popular pages so it doesn’t hog server resources
  • Uses Fast Cache Technology – it uses the best speed features that don’t compromise your site stability
Viper Cache WP Rocket W3 Total Cache
Bad Bot Blocking yes no no
Hotlink Blocking yes no no
Smart Cache Clearing** yes no no
Smart Cache Preloading** yes no no
Gzip Compression & Minification yes yes yes
Javascript Defer Feature yes yes yes
Page & Post Caching yes yes yes
Enable/Disable Caching on single Pages/Posts yes no no
Fonts Optimisation yes no no
Cloudflare, Multisite, Ecom & Page Builder Friendly yes no no
Cache Preloading yes no no
Reported Vulnerabilities 0 0 13
EASE OF USE —– —– —–
Newbie Friendly  1 Click Setup  Pages of Settings  Pages of Settings
RUNNING COSTS $47/yr Unlimited Sites
(Special Offer)
$199 1 year
Unlimited Sites

Viper Cache Review – The Best WordPress Speed Optimizion Plugin in 2018
Viper Cache gave my website an instant page speed boost. As soon as it was installed and activated, it boosted my pagespeed by 214%. This truly is an amazing WordPress plugin and a must have tool for any wordpress user.
9.1 Total Score
Highly Recommended

Viper Cache gave my website an instant page speed boost. As soon as it was installed and activated, it boosted my pagespeed by 214%. This truly is an amazing WordPress plugin and a must have tool for any wordpress user.

User Rating: 4.65 (1 votes)

Viper Cache Review – The Sale Funnel

Front End: Viper Cache – $47 Agency, $37 Personal
When an independent test of cache plugins was done recently it showed that the best paid cache on the market was outperformed by free products.

So they investigated this… only to find major bugs in some of the best free products. They also discovered that many caches didn’t auto clear and were wasteful with bandwidth & with cache pre-loading features.

That’s why they built Viper Cache… a super easy to use cache that auto detects the most visited pages & preloads these rather than preloading all pages to save bandwidth. It smart detects site changes to trigger auto-cache clearing… on small page changes only the single page cache will clear leaving all other cache pages intact saving you server resources. It also detects major changes automatically flushing all cached pages.

OTO1: WP Optimiser – $47/ Agency, $37 Personal
WP Optimiser is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that give you advice on how to fix your site speed issues – more importantly it covers all 6 Primary site optimisation factors – at best our competitors cover just 2 factors & charge more.

Right now the only WordPress optimisation products on the market either optimise your database, lazy load your page or mess around with with your Java & CSS often breaking your site in the process.

To Make matters worse 95% of products don’t optimise your site graphics (one of the most important jobs) & the ones that do charge $100’s per year. So our competitors do half a job & still charge a fortune for the privilege while WordPress users still have no effective solution for optimising websites.

WP Optimiser looks at everything from hosting issues, poor performing themes / plugins, server issues, optimising graphics to cleaning databases & lazy loading pages – to get maximum site performance.

OTO 2: WP Easy Pages – $39/a Agency – £37 Personal
OK it’s no secret that WordPress is natively slow – the WP framework makes this worse – which is why it’s not best fit for building landing pages

The biggest issue is that any landing page built in WordPress needs to load both the theme’s & the plugin’s CSS making it slow from the outset.

WP Easy Pages is the best landing page builder for WordPress that bypasses the theme & the plugins CSS making it up to 16 times faster.

OTO 3: WP Conversion Boost – $27
Creating split test pages & personalized pages is a pain in WordPress you literally have to duplicate & edit each page one by one. This puts your site at risk of getting a duplicate content penalty

So we designed a unique plugin that allows you to make any WordPress page dynamic which means you never have to edit pages individually again

WP Conversion Boost allows you to change any page on the fly just by editing the URL – a must have tool for any pro marketer

Viper Cache Review – FAQs

What is a Cache?
A cache is a browser ready version of a page that loads a lot faster as it doesn’t have to be compiled on each request so it saves you bandwidth, lowers processor load & lowers your hosting costs. Cache is widely accepted as one of the best ways to get fast loading pages in WordPress.

Will It Work With My Theme?
Viper Cache will work with almost any modern theme. On the rare occasion you run into problems you can switch all the switches off and enable them one by one until you find the switch that causes you the issue. it’s very easy. Simply switch it off & the problem is solved.

Has this Cache Been Well Tested?
The base cache technology has been tested on 100’s of thousands of sites. They have improved on this technology to provide you with a super stable cache. They use this cache ourselves and are confident that you’ll get equally great results.

How Do I Make My Site Even Faster?
If your site is still not as fast as you hoped after using Viper Cache you might need some optimisation, you may need to remove some plugins. look at your theme performance & compress your images. The WP Optimiser Upgrade will help you with these tasks.


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