Top 5 Best Web Hosting You Should Use

First of all, if you are looking for a hosting for your website, this article is for you. In this article, I will list some of the best hosting that I have tested myself and my friends for a long time as well as base on the international community feedback well. Let’s start now!

5 best web hosting service

Which Hosting Should We Use?

There are now a lot of foreign hosting providers, but the number of the best hosting providers is not high and not all the people know clearly about them.

When I’m new to the MMO, I get a lot of advice. Getting different advices makes me very confused to choose the best hosting service. There are many criteria to evaluate a good hosting, and after some short time doing in MMO and find out thoroughly about the hosting is a good hosting if it is fast loaded, got high security, professional customer support and definitely fit the purpose of private person. Now let’s take a look at some hosting like this.

1.WP Engine

WP Engine

This hosting service has become the world’s leading brand in providing hosting. At the present, WP Engine is probably the best foreign hosting with the super-fast speed and great security. When you use WP Engine, you are assured that the hacker will stay away from your site. I have tried WP Engine within 2 months and was completely convinced by its quality.

So does it have no cons?

No, high security means it’s a quite hard to use and it takes me all day to do that. WP limits the use of some plugins that spend a lot of server resources. This causes some troubles in the process of using it. And the price of WP is not cheap at all, it is the most expensive type of hosting that I know. The cheapest package costs $29 per month. So if your web site has a huge amount of visit, then WP is completely suitable. However, it is not right for newbies.

WP Engine pricing

2.A2 Hosting

A2 hosting

A2 Hosing is one hosting which must be put in in the 5-star class! Hosting providers now support SSDs, but A2’s SSD drives can accelerate and save data up to 200% more, so A2 Hosting makes a difference in speed compared to other hosting. SSH support makes it easy for users to migrate to the web. A2 hosting is easy to apply through PayPal without verification by Visa or ID.

However, the limits of A2’s CPU are low. I once ran the web in the rush hour and it cannot be accessed. The support mode of A2 Hosting is not very good, Live Chat does not support 24/7 (but they will try to reply in the shortest time period). Its price is not cheap, the cheapest package is also $8 a month.

A2 hosting pricing



StabelHost – a familiar name to any webmaster. The first thing when you use StableHost, you will find that this hosting is really Stable, Shared is not limited to bandwidth, only limited storage space. However, sometimes the site will load slowly when the traffic is high, (in the past I often 503 backend error, now not seen again). Shared packages are only suitable for small and medium sized websites and blogs. And if you want to be more comfortable use larger packages.

StableHost supports some simple, convenient payment through PayPal, Visa. It does not require ID verification. It has less discount coupons.

stablehost pricing



SiteGround is also one of the best foreign hosting in the present time with a fast and stable download speed, even better than Stablehost. SiteGround uses some very advanced tools in security, it can be said that SiteGround’s security can be aligned with A2 Hosting, WP Engine, when you proceed to log in to Cpanel, it will be through the means of code. The very end of SiteGroup makes logging safe.

I just found SiteGround quite inconvenient in the payment process, you have to verify by ID, do not support payment by PayPal as other hosting providers. SiteGround is not cheap at all. Its price is even higher than Stable Hosts, and there are fewer discount offers.

siteground pricing

5.Hawk Host

Hawk Host


Hawk Host is a relatively stable provider with many locations to choose from, if you are building a web site for a Vietnamese user, you should use the location in Singapore, and you are building English website, you should use the location Los Angeles with the smooth and fast speed. Hawk Host service packages are not limited to domain, large disk space, lowest is 10.000MB, Cpanel interface looks professional, easy to use with newbie.

Hawk Host does not use Live Chat. This seems to be the biggest minus for their hosting, I frequently contacted them by ticket, but they also responded very quickly.

Currently, Hawk Host has a very special discount plan, only 2.24 $ / month, you can own unlimited domain Shared package.

hawk host pricing


These are some of my own evaluation of the best foreign hosting services today. If you have the financial ability, try using WP Engine, A2 Hosting. And you are newbie, the budget is much limited, you cannot ignore SiteGround, Stable Host or Hawk Host. I hope you will find hosting services that will give you a great plan for building your website!

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