Post Gopher Review: List Building Break-Through WP Plugin

post gopher review

Guys, it’s great to get you all here today! I’m back again with my Post Gopher review.

Have you heard about it? If yes, then you must know the special thing in its features. As far as I see, this plugin offers a unique idea of driving leads for your list with targeted and high-quality subscribers.

Now, while there are many hesitating buyers who want to ensure that the plugin works well before buying it, this post of mine can be the answer to all of their questions.

Does Post Gopher works well? Is its value big enough to cover that price? Should you buy this profuct?

If you have the same question, then this Post Gopher review is for you. Check it right below to see what you will get inside this plugin.

What it is all about?

Simply put, this WordPress plugin makes use of the final aspect to convert your readers to subscribers. When you have good content, Post Gopher helps you to allow readers to download it for offline reading but they have to leave their emails. The special thing about Post Gopher is not only this main function, but also many additional managing and editorial functions.

With this plugin, you can easily build a big list with targeted subscribers who really care about your content and niches. That gives a huge opportunity for you in the future where you can generates thousands of dollar worth of sales from the list.

The Post Gopher software is a new approach to customers that you must know. If you want to know more about it, check my Post Gopher review down below.

Product Summary

  • Creator: Promote Labs Inc
  • Product Name: PostGopher
  • Niche: List Building
  • Launch Date: Jun 6, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Official Price: $47
  • Recommend: 100% recommended
  • Customer Response: Fast
  • Refund: 30 days money back guarantee

What is Post Gopher?

Post Gopher

Basically, Post Gopher is a powerful tool to let your visitors convert the web page and download it under PDF form. Post Gopher not only offers the download function, but it requires the reader to fill in the lead generation form first. This is like some softs of Chrome’s extensions but the features of it is more than any other tools.

There are more features of editing, managing, and tracking the records so Post Gopher is much more effective and useful for your list building campaigns. You can apply it to one or multiple pages of your choice so it’s very flexible.

Key Features of Post Gopher

Here is the feature list of Post Gopher that you may want to take a look at:

Converting Post Content to PDF

With just a few clicks, you have the tool ready for them and they can save them to read later offline. This is the plugin’s main function which provides a tool for readers to convert your post or page to a PDF file. This function is really convenient for all visitors. That takes much less time than just downloading the web page.

Generating Lead Capture Forms

Post Gopher gets email contacts of readers for you to build a targeted list. There are many types of forms that you can choose to display. The forms are also seamlessly integrated to all biggest Autoresponders by API keys. The conversion rate of this method is higher than a normal landing page.

Tracking and Management Functions

You can track and check the time, the count of downloads, and the number of return readers. Then your forms and messages can be optimized based on the records. This is just perfect to get your reports about downloaded files.

Easy to Use and User-Friendly

Copying and pasting a short line of code to your post content is everything you have to do. You can also customize everything from the CTA texts, colors, PDF styles, headlines, form styles, and much more. Then the CTA messages are showed beautifully and very attractive to your visitors.

Those are quite enough for reviewing Post Gopher features. To know how you can start working with Post Gopher, check the below part of my Post Gopher Review to see.

How Does It Work?

The process to use this WordPress plugin is really simple and you can customize almost everything that you want the readers to see:

Step 1: Selecting the post to attach the “Read Later” button

Step 2: Customizing your messages, lead capturing form, and PDF file format

Step 3: Copying and pasting the code to your post

Now, the below parts are my final evaluation of this Post Gopher Review.

What the demo video below to see Post Gopher in action

Pros and Cons

The Pros of Post Gopher

  • New approach to getting customers’ contacts
  • Comprehensive functions with tracking and management
  • Great support from creator team

The Cons of Post Gopher

Except for the price which is a little bit high, I think this software has no flaw.

My Final Verdict

Post Gopher Review: List Building Break-Through WP Plugin
It’s another great way for you to use which can take advantages over your rivals and drive floods of leads to your list. If you have your sites run on WordPress and you need a huge list, this offer is an ideal bet for you. Post Gopher is really good with the unique idea and it will change the game of building list.
8.9 Total Score
Highly Recommended

It’s another great way for you to use which can take advantages over your rivals and drive floods of leads to your list. If you have your sites run on WordPress and you need a huge list, this offer is an ideal bet for you. Post Gopher is really good with the unique idea and it will change the game of building list.

User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)

Post Gopher Review Conclusion

Who Would Get Benefits from Post Gopher?

I like the idea of this software. I have seen it sometimes in Chrome extension store but the functionality is really limited. Post Gopher is far better that those. I recommend it to all site owners, affiliates, bloggers, and marketers who manage WP sites.

Post Gopher will be available for sales on Jun 6, 2017, and the launch price is only $47. You should be hurry if you want to buy it because the price will rise after the launch time. For a unique tool with multiple functions and a huge advantage, it is worth every penny.

Check the sales page right below to see the current price and take the best deal available!


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Thank you!


If you get anything wrong with your purchase, leave a comment below and I will get to you asap. This is the end of my Post Gopher Review. Thank you for reading!

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