PlayTraffic Review – Hack to crazily grow your YouTube channels!

If you are getting the dead end in promoting your YouTube channels, this PlayTraffic Review will make your day! Check it out right now!

PlayTraffic Review



If you are not investing in YouTube marketing, you are absolutely missing out a huge piece of reach and leads. Search engines usually prefer video content, especially when YouTube belongs to Google. A video is absolutely consumed by the audience than a normal ad.

So how do you grow your channels?

If you ask on Quora, you will get plenty of answers. However, in this PlayTraffic Review, I will show a hack to drive traffic crazily to your channels. This is not paid ads costing you thousands of dollars.

In contrast, this product allows you to leverage your own videos with hot-trending keywords to gain thousands of views, making your channel much more SEO friendly. Let’s explore this amazing system in my review below!

About the developer

Cyril Jeet

The man behind is Cyril Jeet. I’m sure you all find his name familiar with digital marketing. He has been creating and launching many successful products in multiple niches, earning thousands every month.

His products range from video marketing, SEO, social media, to WP such as Video Jeet, List Janitor, Viral Reach, Email Jeet,… In case you are still doubtful, this product is powered by Teknik Force.

What is PlayTraffic?


Product Overview

Vendor:                       Cyril Jeet

Product:                      PlayTraffic

Launch Date:            Jan 26th, 2018

Launch Time:           11:00 EST

Front-End Price:     $27

Sales Page:                 http://playtraffic.in/

Niche:                           Video marketing

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

PlayTraffic is a brand-new software on driving traffic on exclusively YouTube. With the power system, it will help you search for all red-hot keywords on YouTube in seconds, no matter which niche you are in.

With the available keywords, this system allows you to combine your own videos and popularly trending videos to create thrilling playlists. These playlists will make you SEO friendly easily.

PlayTraffic can draw multiple traffic sources to your channels without paying ads. All the traffic is organic. You can be relieved because this method will not get saturated. And the more interesting thing is that you can use it in any niches.

Don’t let your channel withering any longer!  Your competitors are getting on higher and higher rankings while you are still considering. Go on with my PlayTraffic Review to understand more this product and apply it to your system!

How It Works?

This product is newbie friendly. You can easily master it on the first try.

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Enter your keyword to find all trending related keywords

Step 3: Shortlist the videos you like from search result

Step 4: Combine your own videos and the shortlisted videos to have a traffic-magnet playlist

For more visual instruction, you can find the walkthrough.


What are the major features of PlayTraffic?

To save your time, in this PlayTraffic Review, I will give you a shortlist of the most outstanding features of this product. With the creative core idea and powerful platform, this software will give you a hand to dominate YouTube with playlists.

  • 100% fresh and new method of driving traffic in YouTube
  • Desktop-based to effectively work on your computer
  • Quickly find trending keywords on YouTube to draw endless traffic
  • Apply on any niches without saturation
  • Create YouTube playlist based on the red-hot keywords
  • Make your playlist SEO friendly and get in top search results
  • Combine your own videos and million-view videos
  • Publish and schedule, or re-schedule your playlist within the system
  • Manage and control multiple accounts and channels
  • Drip feed on YouTube
  • Get fresh views and organic reach without paying ads
  • Easily and precisely target new customer segments
  • Show reports with charts and figures on dashboard
  • Save and shortlist all the selected popular videos
  • Show the views, dislike, like and comments of searched videos
  • Include the keywords on tag, description and titles of your playlists
  • Set the time interval among your playlists
  • Set up playlist automation for your channels


My personal experience

I really feel thankful for this software. Getting traffic on YouTube is much harder than Facebook or Twitter because you only have video as your tool. With the keyword within the description and the popular videos in my playlist, my channels get more recognition from the YouTube’s algorithm.

This is a highly recommended software I would introduce to any marketers. You will not regret trying it!

Pros & Cons


  • Search for those keywords to leverage on
  • Schedule playlist and set timing interval
  • Easy to create playlist
  • Work on unlimited niches


I have not seen any.

PlayTraffic Review – Hack to crazily grow your YouTube channels!
8.9 Total Score
Highly Recommend

User Rating: 4.3 (1 votes)

The Conclusion

PlayTraffic is now for sale as $27. You can try it as monthly subscription basis at $9.95 per month. However, this hot deal does not last for long. The price will soon go up after the launching time. So I advise you to take it the sooner the better.

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In conclusion, I think this is a must-have item which is worth every penny you invest on. Thanks for reading my PlayTraffic Review. See you later with other reviews on different products!

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