How to manage your Facebook Page & Increase Likes

Marketing online is being increasingly used by most of businesses. Especially, in the time of crisis and difficulty, businesses have tried to squeeze purchasing power. Thus, internet marketing is a great choice for them now.

In the previous article, I shared about “The Role of SEOer in the Viral Marketing Strategy” and I gave the benefits of using Social Network for marketing. You know, Facebook is the most used tool by many people, from individuals to enterprises. Indeed, it is a great tool to spread and promote the businesses, products and services. So, how do you increase LIKE on Facebook? How to manage efficiently our fan page?

Okay. Below are all I have used to boost my business on this HUGE social network.

manage facebook page and increase likes

Part 1: How to increase LIKE and FAN

Perhaps, you are too bored and fed up when receiving the messages like “hi, like this page for me!” If you sometimes receive such crazy messages, it is OKAY. However, it is now the most popular way which is used by everyone, so you are very angry, don’t like their page and even block them immediately.

There is another way; you can join in the LIKE exchanging websites such as Cool360.net. When you are member, you just like the others’ page and vice versa, the others will like your page.

And my fan page, I design an app to increase LIKE that makes members curious and click on it. As a result, we can get one LIKE per click. Don’t stop there! If someone clicks on this app, they will automatically share it on their profile and you know, their friends will see and you will get tons of LIKES which does not make people uncomfortable.

With this amazing app, you will see the good results within just one day.

You can create such apps that make more attractive, curious to viewers. For example:

  1. Do you know how you will be after 20 years?
  2. You want to measure your manhood?
  3. Do you know what Obama says about you…

All the curious questions always come with the message “Click here to get the answer, 100% exactly”; and of course, when you click on that, you have to LIKE that page to continue.

It is a piece of cake, right?

When I got LIKES for my fan page, I created 7 different apps in one month and my page reached 20,000 FANS. Recently, I have been quite busy so my page gets few LIKES J

If the number of FANS on your page is big, it is very great to drive traffic to your website. I just shared HOT news before, my website got over 1000 visits from Facebook page within the morning.

  • The spreading speed is very scary.
  • The GOOD content will get as many LIKES as possible. You can also read the following management.

Part 2: The simple methods of managing but very effective

You get a big number of fans on your page and all you need to do is the interaction between fans and your page.

Fan page is like forum. If you don’t invest well in content and don’t have a close management, you will lose members and it is very difficult to take them back. Therefore, create an attractive and high-converting content because ranking fan page is like website. The better your fan page has the interaction, the big the opportunity to grow your business is.

Important note: After increasing LIKES, this is the sensitive time to stay those LIKES.

The Interaction Score

The most important is to keep the user interaction. Therefore, to increase the interaction, you need to post some unique, attractive and highly entertaining contents. When there is this interaction and the other content which you post will be interested by fans (You need to post funny images).

According to Facebook’s algorithm, to appear on a user’s news feed, your page has to get EdgeRank score which is based on the interaction between the user and fan page. Thus, the purpose of posting the engaging content at this time is to increase this score.

As you know, content is KING so if you create so impressive content that the readers can’t ignore it (like and comment).

Interaction score was assessed on the actions of visitors to fan page and among four actions including CLICK, LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE; Click and Like actions receive the lowest score; Facebook loves Comment and Share actions so you should focus on two these factors.

Facebook appreciates the posts (especially, image) which are commented and shared widely.

+ Their friends see content => Create Viral.

+ High Interaction

You should always check fan page, check the comments. There were the ones marked as spam, but when you read them and feel wrong, press the button “not spam”. Why? It will increase the interaction of the user to the page. Also, when you are online, check on your profile to see whether there is any spam or not because many other members will “spam” to promote their product/service. They see that your fan page has high PR and big number of fans so they exploit that strength to boost their business.

Content Score

Besides the interaction score, the quality of content is appreciated by Facebook. It is like your website, Google reviews about the content, article, creation because Content is King; and sorted by descending priority of FB as follow:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Links
  • Status

As I just said above, the image is the only thing Facebook loves so if your post is an image which contains the text, it will be ranked higher than the one with the complete text. You can see, the image post which contains the text inside is more attractive than one without any image because:

  • The image is easier to look than text
  • The image is easier to produce strong emotions than text
  • The image is easier to share than text

With Comment action, it is always appreciated higher than Like action so you need to create the Call to Actions and open-ended questions like Like if you love, Share if you have ever, or today our football team wins, I am very happy and you?, etc. Thus, all the Call to Actions which can make people curious should be chosen as a matter of priority.

Posting Time

With your website, the best time to get indexed your post is in the afternoon and on Saturday. And Facebook?

I will show you the best time to post your content on Facebook page which I tested and proved.

  • If your fan page has about 10,000 to 15,000 fans, you should post from 5 to 7 articles a day (each leaves about 2 hours)
  • If your fan page has 15,000 to 25,000 fans, you should post from 7 to 10 articles per day.
  • The best time to post: 8:30-9:00, 13:00-14:00, 19:00-19:30 – The golden time because those are the time which people are online most so your fan page will get many more LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES. If you post your article at the less interactive time, it will be passed unremembered.
  • Post content with reasonable frequency: Many posts to increase the amount of interest. Less ones to take time for fans to interact with the content in advance. In a report of Facebook, there are indicators: Number of contact during the week. This parameter is the sum of all the posts in your week.
  • With each post, you can see at the bottom of the post about the number “xxxx who saw this post” and even viewing numbers which are total figures.
  • If each your post has 1000 views, you will get 10,000 views for 10 posts.
  • With a big number of posts, they will reach more people. The larger number of views is, the more proportion of talking about and interact with the page are.
  • Post the highly entertaining and topical articles, then insert your website link into them. As I said, when I give HOT news on my fan page, my site gets 1000 visitors (it is a large number). Hence, you choose the HOTTEST and NEWEST information which many people are attracted and add your link into them. Remember that shorten your website link before adding it into the articles with the attractive anchor text.
  • Don’t pin top an article too long (2-3 days)

If you keep the article on the top of your fan page too long, your fans confuse that you have not updated the content.

Instead of pinning top, you can share and repost the articles. I make sure that it is more effective than pinning. Why?

You see, if you were a fan, do you access to a fan page every day? The answer is NO. Everyone just takes their note to the notifications and they click on the new notifications to get the information. They see your new posts through this but not access to your fan page.

  • If you are very busy, you can use the scheduling feature to update your new articles more proactively


You should choose the best and high-converting content to post on your fan page because it helps your page engage more new fans and keep your existing fans stay longer and longer.

  • Reduce the too long content
  • Apply the tricks to increase LIKES and COMMENTS to boost the interaction.
  • The logo and the name of your website should be added into the images which you share on your fan page. This helps to make your mark in people’s mind.

Finally, hope that you will get the useful information about how to boost and manage your fan page. If you see this article really useful, like and share it with your friends!


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