Local360 Review – A Brand New Trend in Video Creation 2018

Have you ever tried creating 360o videos? If not then this Local360 Review is your chance to get some updated news and start to find out!

Local360 reviews


Before getting into details, I want to start with some facts.

  • Up to 90% of Americans say that they prefer 360o videos rather than conventional ones.
  • 98% of Americans think that 360o videos are more excited to watch

Have you realized the pattern? 360o videos have become a standard in the local marketing industry. It becomes one of the most important sources of traffic. The more you know about 360o videos, the more likely you are to succeed.

This idea has inspired Simon to come up with a product called Local360. This is currently one of the most exciting video technology that would dominate the industry in 2018.

If you want to catch up with the trend and be one of the first to put your hands on the tool, follow my Local360 Review and find out more details!

About Author

Simon Warner

As I mentioned earlier, Simon Warner is the creator of Local360. I am sure lots of you have heard of him because before this launch, he has come up with many other incredible products. Some of which I remember are Mobimatic, Wishloop, Flexy AI, GRamKosh 2.0, Invanto and more.

Products from Simon Warner always focus on the end-users which are mostly newbies and those who do not have much experience. Each product will come with a tutorial training or a live training section to make sure you all know how to approach the tool properly. That is what makes me love Simon’s products.

Now let’s switch to the next part of my Local360 Review where we shall discuss its features in details.

What Is Local360?

Product Overviews


Vendor: Simon Warner
Product Name: VideoRemix Local 360
Launch Date: 2018-Feb-07
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $197
Niche: Video Marketing

For those who have not heard of, 360o videos are the next trend in video creation, local and even social marketing. Using 360o videos enable you to drive massive traffic as well as huge profits from the first moment.

Imagine that you have a great video that everyone sees it and wants to get more of it. Also, the click-through rate is dramatically improved which means more leads and traffic to your website. Local360 is a tool that helps you deliver those results.

The best part about VieoRemix Local 360 is that:

  • No rendering required
  • Easy drag and drop text as well as CTA
  • Create videos with unlimited lengths without any extra payment

    How It Works?

This is what you should do to have a 360o video:

Step 1: Capture and import 360o videos

Import any video from YouTube or Vimeo, record audio and edit it

Step 2: Add text and CTA

Add text and CTA to create amazing layers

Step 3: Publish easily

Post it on social networks and reach more audiences

I should not forget to mention that Local360 can integrate with most autoresponder including Aweber, GetResponse, Custom, Infusionsoft, Sendlane, and MailChimp.


Outstanding Feature of Local360

First and foremost, if you are worrying that Local360 is packed with so many features that make it somehow hard to use, then worry not. Simon provides 3 days of live training to help you run up, creating and selling faster than a newbie from scratch.

So what you will get when using Local360:

Higher click-through rate

More viewers are interested in what you have to offer. That increases your chances of getting a new sales a whole lot.

Increase social engagement

Apart from attracting more viewers, Local360 also drives them to share your videos on social networks. It literally means that you get a huge increase in social engagement for no charge.

Video completion rate skyrockets

With 360o videos, your video completion rate is boosted up to 85%, not just 58% as you usually struggle with.

Recurring profits

Use Local360 to create videos in just an hour and sell to your clients. 360o is only getting hotter and you are going ahead of the trend. Isn’t that cool? Your prospect would be local businesses, non-profits organizations, local entertainment, associations and more.


User Experience

In this part of the Local360 Review, I want to share some of the experiences of my friends who have tried Local360. Let’s begin with the first one!

Amy: “With only one 360o video I could close a deal worth up to $1000. I am so excited to show my other clients what I can do with Local360. The possibility is endless!”

Jane: “I was able to land an increase of $7000 in profits just by using personalized 360 videos. It was way beyond my expectation”

Local360 Review – A Brand New Trend in Video Creation 2018
8.8 Total Score
Highly Recommended

User Rating: 4.45 (1 votes)

The Conclusion

Local360 is sold for $197. Usually, they do have a monthly as well as yearly subscription. However, in this special launch, Local360 comes with a “one-time” membership. If you want to get it, you had better take the chance because it will not show up the second time.

I also love their refund policy which offers you up to 150% of your last payment. They are really confident in the product.

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Thank you!


Thanks for following my Local360 Review. I wish it helps you find out what you need to do. Good luck!

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