LeadPrimo Review – All in One Email Marketing Platform For Your Business

LeadPrimo review

What is LeadPrimo?


LeadPrimo is a All-In-One Email Marketing Software that makes everything simple and easy, you can enjoy maximum delivery, capture and import unlimited lists and make use of all other features such as creating high converting lead pages, boost leads, commissions, webinar registrations and ultimately get more profits on complete autopilot.

It is completely newbie friendly and enable you to get THOUSANDS of Leads, send UNLIMITED emails, as well as follow-up with all the leads automatically and manage them without any complex issues. They can also see the complete real-time activity of subscribers, and find out which particular campaigns are giving best results.

How It Works?

So, provide you with the untapped power to turn leads into buyers to get best results from the Email Marketing activities. With LeadPrimo, it is a SIMPLE and EASY 3 step method that goes like this-

Step 1: Collect OR Upload
To begin with, all you need to do is collect unlimited leads using the high converting lead pages OR upload your subscriber’s list into this monster without any restrictions and without losing even a single lead.

Step 2: Send Emails
Setup an email campaign in just few clicks. Now, LeadPrimo gets into active mode and sends unlimited mails to you completely hands free.

Step 3: Enjoy More Leads and Money
That’s it. All hard work is done. Now just sit back and relax and watch profits grow leaps and bounds.


Take Action Now!

Now, the price is only $47, so if you intend to buy LeadPrimo , action now because the price will increase rapidly. Remember you can try it out for 30 days money back guarantee - no question asked !


Out Standing Features Of LeadPrimo

LeadPrimo has 5 plans, you have to upgrate the plan to unlock full features of this software:

FrontEnd: LeadPrimo Pro – $47

Give you the power to send unlimited emails as well as follow-up with your leads automatically & boost sales and commissions

  • 20 eye-catchy templates to create high converting lead pages.
  • Get direct views and leads from Facebook by adding your page as page tab.
  • Add subscribers.
  • Subscriber management.
  • Newsletter.
  • 1 email template.
  • Google, Yahoo, Hotmail – FREE mailing.
  • SMTP Mailing – SMTP mailing setup allowed.
  • 5 web-form templates with editor – inline editor.
  • 1 Sub-Domain / Business only.
  • Unlimited mailing per month.
  • Stats and Much More.

Upsell 1: LeadPrimo Elite – $77

You can Generate 5X More Leads, Send 5X Better & Engaging Emails and make 5X more Profits

  • Get 30 extra, Inbuilt eye-catching lead page templates to maximize lead generation.
  • Multiple List.
  • Advanced Subscriber management – suppression list, message wise, bounce wise, export, create custom fields.
  • 20 email templates.
  • Advanced messages management – use message again.
  • 10 form templates with editor.
  • Integrations – Webinars.
  • API – Integrate with any software.
  • Media Library.

Upsell 2: LeadPrimo Enterprise – $97

  • With this Upgrade You will get 10X profits and ultimately take their business to the enterprise level
  • Complete lead Page real time statistics.
  • Autoresponder.
  • Advance Statistics.
  • Bounce management.
  • Advanced List management.
  • Advance Subscriber management – copy & move contacts.
  • Integrations – CRM.
  • Team management up-to 5 members.
  • 30 email templates.
  • 15 form templates with editor.

Upsell 3: LeadPrimo Reseller – $97

You can sell LeadPrimo further and keep 100% of the profits

The are providing RESELLER license to LeadPrimo, and you can sell LeadPrimo to anyone you want & get 100% of the profits.

Upsell 4: Premium Membership – $27/month

This is really the hot deal of the day which offer you a whole bunch of awesome features for $27 monthly only.

  • 5 Brand New Lead-Page Templates Every Month.
  • 10 brand new eye- catchy & premium email templates delivered every month.
  • 5 web form templates with editor each month.
  • Create Multiple autoresponders for multiple businesses.
  • Ultra-Fast Servers for faster mail delivery.
  • Premium support.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Unlimited members team management.
  • Library with UNLIMITED Hosting on FAST servers & 200GB bandwidth per month.

My Evaluation

It’s hands down the most powerful system that solves the biggest problem for businesses on customer acquisition and management. With practically no learning graph involved anyone can start making money by capturing leads and converting all Leads into Regular Passive Online Income and get them engaged by emails.

There is no grunt work involved as this software is fully tried and tested and will provide boatloads of dollars from your Email Marketing campaigns with minimum time and money invested.

Mark my words, it’s the ultimate chance for you to automate their email marketing campaigns and get more mails delivered straight to the inbox and you make insane commissions.

And that’s not all. I am also providing easy-to-understand training videos that will enable you to use it in a simple and convenient manner.

LeadPrimo Review – All in One Email Marketing Platform For Your Business
LeadPrimo will surely take the industry by the storm and will help marketers to generate more leads from any blog, eCommerce or WordPress site. I love its latest smart tag feature, as it enabled me to build targeted marketing campaigns hands down
8.4 Total Score
Highly Recommended

LeadPrimo will surely take the industry by the storm and will help marketers to generate more leads from any blog, eCommerce or WordPress site. I love its latest smart tag feature, as it enabled me to build targeted marketing campaigns hands down

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The LeadPrimo’s Bonuses

When You Purchase LeadPrimo, You Also Get Instant Access To These 15 Cool Bonuses

Bonus 01 – Power List Pro

In order to get maximum benefits, marketers must segment their audience so that each subscriber is sent into a specific mailing list based on their interests.

Keeping this in mind, I am providing this exclusive package that enables you to build list from your blog, create popup for promoting your offers with complete control and animations. This is quick and easy to set up, offers a HUGE range of features compared to other popup solutions.

This plugin when combined with LeadPrimo becomes a lethal combination for all success hungry marketers.


Bonus 02 – Email List Secrets Video Tutorial

We all know the famous quote “the money is in the list”. And, it’s no secret that a high converting list is the most critical element for scaling your business to new heights.

To provide you with these benefits, here’s a package that provides trackable results with email marketing and promote your brand by creating unlimited profitable email lists and use email marketing to get them out to the masses without investing much.

This package comprises of very helpful video tutorials and when combined with your purchase of LeadPrimo through my affiliate link, it reaps huge rewards for your business.


Bonus 03 – Easy PR Booster Updated

If you are a blogger or a website owner, how your page or website rank on Google and other search engines matters the most. To achieve that goal, the link build process is time-consuming and sometimes boring to do.

But the good news is that, inside this product is a powerful linking script that allows you to easily manage links across your entire site network.

It’s a powerful solution to distribute page rank and increase the amount and frequency search engine spiders scurry through your sites, sucking up pages!

This booster when used with email marketing powerhouse LeadPrimo help your webpages and landing pages rank higher and yield out most from your efforts.


Bonus 04 – Cautionary Email Marketing Video Upgrade

Countless marketers are out there building their email lists, sending out broadcasts, and everything in between.

The thing is, many of these list owners aren’t entirely conscious of the rules and guidelines of email marketing. This can be deadly.

In this video upgrade, you’ll get to know exactly what you can and cannot do in the world of email marketing.

Looking for all the information and rules in text form?
This exclusive report covers it all in the form of video series which when combined with lead generation prowess of LeadPrimo, generates high quality leads for your business without spending a fortune.


Bonus 05 – Two Steps Opt-in Generator

Most affiliate marketers don’t make much money from their offers, because they are unaware of the tricks to create a good-looking affiliate pages properly-designed for maximizing conversion.

To overcome this problem, I am providing this exciting package that helps affiliates to boost conversion rate by simply using the high-converting pages just like top affiliate marketers without any technical hassle.

All you need to do is just upload your pictures and insert unique affiliate link to the page and BOOM they you’re good to go.

This package is a complete solution for both product owners and affiliate marketers and when combined with LeadPrimo, it becomes a top notch business booster for marketers.


Bonus 06 – How to Add Hundreds of Subscribers Weekly

For getting higher success rate an online business requires an opt-in email list full of quality subscribers that reads valuable content, buy products and services, or buy affiliate offers.

But for many marketers driving subscribers to list is still a daunting task. Now, if you’re also facing the same issue, it’s time to take a breather. Here’s a valuable package that includes tips to add hundreds of subscribers weekly.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with proven and tested lead generation techniques mentioned in LeadPrimo, it becomes a top notch business booster.


Bonus 07 – Auto Support Bot

Many of the big companies now offer live chat on their websites, to give visitors an easier way to ask questions. But for Small businesses it becomes little difficult to dedicatedly provide live support.

Auto Support Bot allows businesses to easily add an automated live chat feature to their website or blog. The chat window works just like a real live chat, but the responses are all fully automated, so you get the benefits of live chat. Now what are you waiting for, rope in tons of customers using this package and send unlimited mails to them using email marketing giant LeadPrimo.



Bonus 08 – Affiliate Marketing Thrive

Affiliate marketing is the most effective way to make money online by promoting products created and marketed by other vendors.

Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package that includes 6 part video course that helps to become a successful affiliate and stand out from the competition. You will also learn an importance of building a list and how to find products to promote to maximize benefits.

Now, all you need to do is build a huge list of high paying clients, and send them countless mails with LeadPrimo, and be a cut above the rest.


Bonus 09 – Keyword Research Ninja 2.0

Keywords play a very important role in matching your website content with what your targeted viewers are looking and hence helps in ranking your website higher in search engine.

Keeping this in mind, check out this product where you’ll get an amazing tool that escalates and filter profitable keyword terms on the internet.

Unlike most keyword tools which just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with awesome keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, and Amazon.

When combined with LeadPrimo, this bonus becomes a lethal combination as you can find out the most profitable keyword terms & boost sales and profits hands down.


Bonus 10 – Email Profits Formula

With LeadPrimo, you’ll be able to grab unlimited leads and manage them in a complete automated manner.

And to take the benefits of your purchase to another level, I am providing this excellent package that enables you to make the best use of Email marketing and reach out to widely scattered masses without investing a fortune. So get in active mode and use this bonus to intensify your growth prospects, and become an enviable success story.



Bonus 11  – Article Analyzer


This cool package helps you analyze articles for keyword density so that you can get more targeted search engine traffic for your website, and increase your benefits without spending a fortune.

In addition, you can either open an existing article (in .txt format) or write/copy/paste the article in to the Article Analyzer interface.

When used with the immense powers of LeadPrimo, this package will surely become a top-notch business booster.


Bonus 12 – Viral List Autopilot

Email lists are the best way to drive profits and keep your revenue running smoothly. It also enables you to showcase your offers to global audience at will.

Keeping this in mind, I am providing this package that includes contest list building “How to Videos” that have been professionally developed to help you build a strong list, and take your email marketing benefits to the next level.

This bonus is a boon and when combined with LeadPrimo, this package becomes a must have for every growth hungry marketer.


Bonus 13 – Backlinks Warrior Software

Finding relevant backlinks is the key to success for every marketer. They are the ultimate source to push your website to the top of the search results.

Keeping this in mind, here’s an amazing package that includes a useful software tool that will help you find high-quality and relevant backlinks in order to rank your website well in Google SERP’s so that you can drive hordes of traffic to your website, blog or landing page and boost profits online. So, make the best use of this package and reap in long term profitable results for your business.

This package is a must have and when combined with the immensely beneficial email marketing powers of LeadPrimo, it reaps great results for you in the long run.


Bonus 14 – Lead Generation Authority Gold Upgrade

Getting qualified leads that are sales ready is one of the topmost concerns for a majority of marketers today. If this is overlooked, then it can be quite fatal for your growth prospects.

Fortunately, I have this package that will intensify your lead generation process, and enable you to dive into countless leads to boost your profits. So, in order to make success you companion, use this package to get tons of high paying leads, and send them countless mails with LeadPrimo, and make success your counterpart.


Bonus 15 – Find and Replace PLR Software

Editing documents is a monotonous task, and sometimes find it boring and time-consuming indeed as well.

Now just imagine, what if you can find a good tool that can do a find and replace feature? Isn’t it a huge help for your productivity?

That’s exactly what this bonus has in store for you. This exclusive package allows you to easily edit large amounts of your web documents in a snap with simple point-and-click solution, and get rid of complex tasks within a short time span.

When combined with immense powers of LeadPrimo, this package becomes a WIN-WIN situation for business owners.

Final Thought


  • Create Hundreds of Unique High Converting Lead Pages- And Collect Maximum Leads Hands Free
  • All In One Email Marketing Solution- Send Unlimited Emails Directly Into Inbox
  • Boost Engagement- Craft Best Mails Using Inline Editor
  • 3800% ROI- Using Immense Power Of Email Marketing
  • No 3rd Party Dependency- Have Complete Control on Your Business
  • Super Simple to use- 100% Newbie Friendly – No Prior Skills Needed
  • Suits Almost All JV’s- Best suited for JVs having All Types of Newbie & Expert Online Marketers, Bloggers, MMO, Affiliates and Software Lists

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