LeadKit Pro Review – Use Any Content Online To Build Your Lead Magnets

Do not hesitate to check it out more information about LeadKit PRO to get to know how to create an unlimited number of lead capture campaigns online.

LeadKit PRO review


These days, lead magnets are considered to be crucial to growing an online business. Nevertheless, it is not easy at all to create them. The process of creating lead magnets take you much time and effort like to research your content, choose what kind of template would you use, create the landing page, opt-in form, thank you page, etc.

Not finished yet, you have to deal with 2 things are technical challenges and creative roadblocks which prevent most marketers from creating lead magnets and capturing leads.

Thus, today I want to show you a brand new solution called LeadKit PRO- a new application which lets you create lead magnets, put them online, and start capturing leads easily. Since you have started to be curious, why do not you take a look at my LeadKit PRO Review to know more details?

Ledkit Pro

Product Summary:

  • Vendor: Phil Benham
  • Product Name: LeadKit PRO
  • Launch Date: 2018-Jul-11
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $79
  • Niche: Software

What Is LeadKit PRO?

With Lead Kit Pro, you can feel free to use almost any content found online in order to build your lead magnets just by pasting in the URL.

Who Should Use This Software?

As far as I am concerned, LeadKit PRO is a secret weapon tool, especially for all who are working as List Builder, Website Owners, Social Marketers, Beginners or anyone who wants to solve problems when using Lead Magnets.

Feature Details of LeadKit PRO

Today in my LeadKit PRO Review, I want to show key features of this app:

Use Lead Magnets On Total Autopilot

Lead Kit Pro allows you to automatically use lead magnets in order to build your own targeted list.

Easy Way To Build Lead Magnets

There are many online marketers and business owners poised to build a Lead Magnet and then fall flat when writers’ block as well as have to deal with technical challenges. Thus, LeadKit PRO comes with everything you need to radically solve those issues once and for all.

Build Complete Lead Capture Funnels

The real power of the system is that each campaign is packed with a landing page, a content delivery platform and the opt-in form that quickly sends leads to your email service.

Medium-style Content Editor

I consider this content editor does not come with too many options, but just enough for you to build engaging content. It just keeps everything simple and concentrated on content so even complete newbies can use it right away.

Hosting Included

Each campaign contains its own LeadKit.PRO URL. Therefore, it is no need for you to have a website to start building your target audience. Also, there are other hosting options for more established users.

HTML Export & WordPress Plugin

You can freely choose to export your campaign to HTML or use its WordPress plugin for the purpose of including complete campaigns on your own websites on total autopilot.

How It Works?

With LeadKit PRO you can create amazing lead magnets quicker and easier.

In just 3 simple steps, you can crank out quality lead magnets as fast as you can without creating your own content!

Step 1: Customize Your Built-in Landing Pages

Choose from several high-converting landing page examples and quickly customize them, point-and-click style, with your own colors, images and text.

Step 2: Add Engaging Content From Anywhere Online

Use our simple Medium-style editor to add content to your lead magnets easily. Copy and paste links to third-party content to automatically embed it in your content!

Step 3: Connect Your Email Service And Get Leads

Connect to most major email service providers with a few clicks of your mouse; and all of your leads will be automatically added to the subscriber lists you choose.

Watch this LeadKit PRO demo video below to see how it works

What LeadKitPro Can Do For You?

Have a peek below at a system that allows you create and deliver your lead magnets and, ultimately, building your list.

Create Entire Lead Capture Funnels!
Just start adding content and let LeadcoDyno showcase it for you in an easy to consume web-based format. Now, you’ll never again have to search for graphic templates that you may or may not be able to use to showcase the information you want to share with your subscribers.

Use Your Own Content & OPC (Other People’s Content)!
Using our intuitive Medium-style editor, you can add images, video, stylized text and more instantly, and on the fly. In addition, using a simple technology format, you’re able to embed content from around the web. Say good-bye to having to create your own unique content every time you want to create a lead magnet! Just paste links to any content online and our smart system will automatically embed it into your content.

Customize Your Users’ Experience!
LeadKitPro allows you to add up to 10 individual content sections giving you an easy way to organize everything to fit any kind of format. Each section may be designated as public or private content in order to give some content away as teaser material – generating good will and higher interest in the private content.

Organize All Of Your Lead Capture Campaigns!
Instead of having your lead magnets spread out all over the internet on different web pages and across blogs and sites…use LeadKitPro to keep all of your lead magnet content neatly organized in one place.

Keep Your Content Updated And Relevant!
Your lead magnets live online, so you can update them anytime – and your subscribers will always be able to see the most up-to-date version anytime!

Automatically Connect With Your Email Service Provider!
Give a little to get a lot. Make sure to take advantage of using the lock and unlock feature to show enough content to your public visitors and hide exclusive content for your subscribers. The good will you’ll generate will attract your best prospects!

Export Campaigns To HTML!
You’re welcome to send all of your traffic to your campaigns right on LeadKitPro – all without even having a website. Many of you would rather have your campagins on your own website, though; so we’ve made it easy for you to export your campaigns (landing pages and all) to put on your own website easily.

WordPress Plugin Makes It Easy To Use On Your Own Site!
If you run your website on WordPress, you’re in luck because we’ve created a plugin that makes it super easy to import your campaigns directly into your WordPress pages! We’ve worked hard to make sure you’re branding isn’t compromised!

And Some More Powerfull Features for Premium Package:

Drip-feed Content!
With this feature (available in our Premium package only), you’ll be able to hide content until you make it available on a schedule. You could easily setup your email autoresponder to email your subscribers when new content is available. So some lead magnets have more content than can be consumed in one sitting. That’s why we have made it easy to drip your content out to your prospects on regular intervals. Make your lead magnets smarter and more engaging over time to help you build a relationship with your subscribers.

What you can do with the drip-feed feature:

  • Email Courses!
    Set up an auto-responder series in your email service provider where each email links back to your LeadKitPro campaign, and they’ll automatically view the content for that day and lock future content.
  • Product Launches!
    Build anticipation for your next product launch by providing a series of videos visible only on the days you determine. Simply use the same link in your emails and our system will deliver the correct content.
  • Welcome Sequences!
    There’s no better way to bring subscribers into the fold than by providing high quality content in a series of content-based emails. Let your lead magnet attract subscribers AND condition them to read your emails and click your links!

Template Club!
Sometimes the default templates we provide you may not be exactly what you want…and there’s really no way for us to be able to provide you with exactly what you want exactly when you want it. That’s why we’ve created our exclusive LeadKitPro Template Club.

Each month, we will release a new landing-page template that we’ve found to be attractive and high-converting. As an exclusive member of the LeadKitPro Template Club, you will get access to each template as it is released for as long as your account remains in good standing!

Pros and Cons


You Don’t Need A Website!
Sure, we’ll give you a way to put everything on your own sites; but we won’t force you. If you like, just leave everything on our servers, and you can start collecting buy-hungry leads immediately…even without a website.

Use Your Own Domains!
We give you two options to use your own domain in order to maintain your branding. If you use WordPress, you’ll love our WP plugin that will automatically bring your campaigns on to the pages you specify. Don’t worry though…if you don’t use WordPress, we also let you export each campaign out as plain HTML.

Use Any Online Content!
Have you ever been at a loss when it comes time to create content to attract your prospects? Why restrict yourself to content you create, when there is so much great content online already? Using our smart system, all you have to do is paste a URL to any content online…and LeadKitPro will embed it in your lead magnet.

Use Built-in Landing Pages!
One of the many frustrations marketers face is that even with an awesome lead magnet created, we still need a way to showcase it online. Using our easily customizable landing pages, you’ll never have that problem again. In fact the whole ‘lead capture’ funnel is a fundamental cornerstone of the LeadKitPro platform.

Integrate Email Services!
Ugh…the headaches of creating your forms on your email marketing service, then bringing them over to your site, and finally, getting them to act right with your landing pages. LeadKitPro will solve this problem by seamlessly integrating with your email marketing service.

It’s Easy To Use!
It’s true. The first time you use LeadKitPro, you might think that it’s too easy…and that’s the point. How many times have you been frustrated creating engaging lead magnets? Never again.


I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of LeadKit PRO yet.

LeadKit Pro Review – Use Any Content Online To Build Your Lead Magnets
Lead Kit Pro lets anyone, even a complete newbie, start building their email lists quickly and easily. You can use almost any content found online to build your lead magnets just by pasting in the URL. It's truly a game changer!
9 Total Score
Highly Recommended

Lead Kit Pro lets anyone, even a complete newbie, start building their email lists quickly and easily. You can use almost any content found online to build your lead magnets just by pasting in the URL. It's truly a game changer!

User Rating: 4.3 (1 votes)

Final Thoughts

In my LeadKit PRO Review today, I want to say that LeadKit PRO is a useful tool since it not only helps you to create stunning lead magnets but also gives you all the tools to make entire lead capture funnels such as a landing page, Opt-in form, integration with autoresponder, GDPR compliant, Easy content creator, embed content from anywhere online.

Is LeadKit PRO good enough?  After reading LeadKit PRO Review, you clearly know the answer, right? If you are seeking an automated tool that is fully tested and gain success to build a list, I highly recommend you to give it a try.

Do not miss the chance to get much money from your campaigns with minimum time and money invested. Now LeadKit PRO offers a big discount which costs you only $97. I consider that it is a great deal.

However, you need to hurry up. After the discount time, the price will go up to its original price. You might be afraid of wasting money, right? Do not worry, if the product does not meet your expectation, please remember that you can ask for a refund during first 30 days of using.



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In conclusion, I hope that everything in my LeadKit PRO Review can help you to you make a wise buying decision. I am looking forward to your success. Do not hesitate to ask me anything if you get any questions or concerns. See you in my next review!

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