GoSoci Review – 4 in 1 software that generates free targeted traffic


Generate targeted traffic from Social media on autopilot

Gosoci Review


In simple words, if you are still failing in generating targeted traffic for your campaign, you are losing your money.

No matter how much effort you have put in it, if you don’t get targeted traffic it will all go down the drain.

The trends of marketing on social media has changed in recent years, people are using the potential of social media to build highly-effective marketing strategies and acquiring desired profits and heights.

If you don’t keep up with the trends, you will be doomed.

The success or failure of an online business always comes down to how much traffic it can drive. And if you are one of those struggling marketers looking for a simple yet effective way to boost the traffic, this GoSoci Review will definitely help you out.

This software is a 4-in-1 platform on which you can generate massive loads of free and organic traffic from many different sources. It is 100% newbie-friendly, cloud-based, and proven-to-work.


GoSoci Review – 4 in 1 software that generates free targeted traffic
GoSoci can save you thousands of dollars and is extremely simple to use. Gone are the days of using an assistant to manage your social media marketing or wasting hours and money trying to figuring it out yourself. With this simple app you can have it all done for you in a few clicks. I highly recommend GoSoci
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Highly Recommend

GoSoci can save you thousands of dollars and is extremely simple to use. Gone are the days of using an assistant to manage your social media marketing or wasting hours and money trying to figuring it out yourself. With this simple app you can have it all done for you in a few clicks. I highly recommend GoSoci

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GoSoci Review – Overview

  • Author: Firelaunchers team
  • Product name: GoSoci
  • Launch Date: 2017-Oct-02
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Niche: Social media
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is GoSoci?


GoSoci is a traffic generator which allows its users to acquire traffic from 4 hottest social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The ultimate purpose of this software is to boost both the quantity and the quality of traffic, ensuring a higher rate of conversion for all posts.

It’s then fair to say that GoSoci acts as a viral traffic magnet. It allows for the boost in the number of leads, sales, and profits. GoSoci harnesses the full power of 4 social media giants to give its users a strong base of social engagement.

  • NO HOSTING REQUIRED – Cloud Based Software.
  • SET AND FORGET software enables you to Schedule posts in the future so you can even get paid while you sleep
  • Share unlimited posts on 4 Social Media platforms simultaneously. ANYTIME
  • Promote any product in any niche and generate tons of AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS by converting Clicks into Sales.
  • Easily Add and Manage all your GIF posts on all 4 Social Media Platforms.
  • Step by Step Tutorial Videos Included in this software, So even a Newbie can Use it.
  • And Much More inside……

About author

GoSoci is developed by the Firelaunchers Team. This group of online marketing experts has also invented many well-known digital products such as Online Ads Mantra, SEO Revolution, and Google Ads Mastery. Let’s now see in this GoSoci Review what his newest invention can do for you.

Features & Benefits of GoSoci

Generate viral traffic from 4 social media giants

We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of any social media marketing campaign. Without the help of an automation tool, it’s hard to thrive. And GoSoci is exactly what you need to acquire unlimited target traffic for your content posts, websites, and offers.

Create unlimited Facebook campaigns and unlimited posts

GoSoci allows you to create as many social media campaigns as you want, you can also post to unlimited groups and get traffic like crazy. GoSoci helps you to reach out for more leads, giving the chance to improve the conversion rate.

Preview and edit posts before posting

The built-in content editor enables you to make any change to your posts at your convenience. Also, you can have a preview of what your posts look like before actually publishing it. This feature allows for the full control over the campaigns, giving outstanding results on traffic and conversion.

Schedule the posts

Besides being able to edit and preview your posts, GoSoci gives you the ability to schedule your posts at any time. It helps to make your presence on different social networks at the right time. This automation will save a lot of your time and effort.

User-friendly dashboard

The dashboard is dead simple and everything is managed inside it. Everything is created according to your convenience. You can add, edit or delete your campaign and post through the dashboard.

Step-by-step training tutorial

This feature is what my GoSoci Review appreciates the most about this software. And if you are a newbie, you will love the tutorials provided by GoSoci. It ensures everyone can access it and earn huge profits.

How it works?

Gosoci provides you 2 Options to share your posts on social media:

Option #1: Share posts on Timeline of all 4 social networking sites

Step #1: Insert and Edit URL

Insert URL link of desired, traffic targeted website. Website can be of any type and in any niche, big or small, our software works seamlessly for you. Copy and paste the link, or type it in text box, according to your convenience. You can also Edit the post according to your requirement before sharing.

Step #2: Choose Social Media and Share

Now choose the social networking site where the desired posts to be shared, you can select single or all 4 social networking sites to share one posts on all 4 networks simultaneously. Then share.

Step #3: Relax and see Profits grow dramatically

Here’s the magic occurs, your posts will be posted on all four social networking sites and generate unlimited targeted traffic, that can get converted into leads and sales and you can watch Profits grow leaps and bounds.

See Demo Videos Below

OPTION #2: Create Facebook Campaign, Add Groups and Share Posts on these groups.

Step #1: Create Facebook Campaign

You can create Unlimited Facebook Campaign by simply adding Title and Description for your Campaign.

Step #2: Add Unlimited Groups

Here in gosoci we are providing you the power to add unlimited groups in your Facebook campaigns. These groups are accessible to all the posts you share in this campaign.

Step #3: Share Unlimited posts and Generate profits

You can share Unlimited posts instantly or schedule the posts to share using Scheduler. Once you Post it, you can see traffic becomes crazy, allows you to gain Profits and achieve Desired Heights.

See Demo Videos Below

GoSoci utilizes a dead simple marketing strategy. Still, this strategy can help you generate massive loads of viral traffic from social networks. Specifically, it works in 5 major steps.

  • Create – Build a landing page/ squeeze page and offer an irresistible deal
  • Embed – Place Get Response form code to this page to generate leads
  • Activate – Use GoSoci to produce viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest
  • Profit – Traffic created through the posts will be redirected to the landing page, resulting in a boost in the number of leads
  • Scale – Use these leads to earn huge commission


Watch GoSoci in action in this demo video below.

Who should buy it?

GoSoci is for all kinds of marketers despite the niche they work in. If you want more leads and sales for your offers, more traffic and higher conversion for your content posts, GoSoci is an ideal choice of app. This software is a must-have item for all marketers deploying a social media campaign.

Take Action Now!

Now, the price is only $37.95, so if you intend to buy GoSoci , action now because the price will increase rapidly. Remember you can try it out for 30 days money back guarantee - no question asked !


Pros & Cons


  • Tech-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based platform
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited target traffic


  • The price will soon increase

Personal experience

In all honesty, GoSoci gave me a delightful experience with its features. It is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a proven way to upgrade their traffic level from social networks. I can say that I am a proud testimonial of this software.

It can save thousands of dollars and hours on managing the social media marketing campaigns. Also, it is an absolute no-brainer marketing strategy for everyone. My GoSoci Review can confidently recommend this app to everyone.

Evaluation & Price

GoSoci is now available at $37 for the front-end package. This price is, in fact, the discount price, and this discount will not last for long. If you want to secure the deal, you have to be an early bird. Visit the sales page HERE.

I believe GoSoci is a high-value package at a good price. Gone are the days of exhausting yourself to manage your campaign. With this simple app, you can spend your time and effort on doing so many other things.

  • Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest to drive traffic.
  • Generate and run unlimited Facebook Campaigns, Add Facebook Groups and share posts on these groups.
  • Promote one posts and page multiple times on multiple campaigns on all 4 social media sites at the same time
  • Preview and Edit all your social posts before posting
  • Make scheduling easy with Scheduler.
  • Convert your website into viral traffic magnet in any niche.
  • Easy to go, simple 3 Step process, completely Newbie Friendly.
  • Manage all your account activities on user-friendly Dashboard.
  • Guides you throughout software functioning by Step by Step Tutorials and Demonstration videos.
  • No more Investing your Money on Paid Ads.
  • No more increasing Cost of Marketing Campaign.
  • No more building links repetitively for SEO.
  • No more Waiting for Targeted Traffic to generate ROI.
  • No more Eating dust of your Competitors.


Special deal for everyone who are my customer:

If you turn back to buy other products from my site:

  • For second product you will get 10% DISCOUNT on your purchase.
  • Since third product, you will get 20% DISCOUNT on every purchase!

I will give you cashback to your Paypal account after you complete the transaction and give me the information needed. See how you can get cashback


As usual , you’ll get my bonus after purchasing on my site.

All my bonuses was bought by me.They are training courses, themes, plugins or softwares which can be used without license and are not null or crack version.To claim the bonuses, after completing transaction, please:

  • Comment “I’ve just bought + product name” in the comment section below
  • Forward the receipt to me at: support@mark-review.com

Thank you!


Gosoci Review – Frequently Asked Questions

On how many social networking sites, I will be able to share a post through this software?

They are providing you unlimited access to all four social networking giants that is Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, but that depends on software purchase options you have chosen from option-1, option 2 and option-3. To Get traffic on all four social networking sites you must choose our Highly Recommended, Best Option that is OPTION-3.

Does this software following Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest terms and policies?

Yes, Gosoci is fully compatible with these 4 social media giant’s terms and policies.

Is it compatible with PC and Mac?

Yes, Gosoci works seamlessly for you, on your PC or Mac without any difficulty.

For how much time I can use this software and when after purchasing?

You can use this 4 in 1 cloud based software for Lifetime, once after purchasing, and there is No Time Boundation. There are NO monthly charges to use Gosoci during the launch period. You only have to pay once and never again.

I don’t have any technical knowledge, can i use it?

Yes, Gosoci is completely Newbie Friendly, so no prior technical knowledge is required. They are also providing you Step by Step Tutorials and Demonstration videos that will guide you throughout software functioning.

Can I Expect Profit from day 1?

That’s the tricky question, the amount of Profit depends on Sales, and you acquire Sales through Potential Leads and Traffic. But i assure you that our software will definitely make a difference for you in generating Laser Targeted Traffic to acquire more Sales and Profits.

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES, they are providing you 30 days money back guarantee, if you feel unsatisfied with our product within 30 days they will return your amount, No questions asked.

Thank you for reading my GoSoci Review, hope it helps. If you have any question about GoSoci or my bonuses, please feel free to leave it in the comment below. Goodbye and see you at my next reviews!


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