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Online marketing is expanding day after day, so it will always be a field where you can earn massive profits. However, you need to do your business shrewdly. A lot of marketers have failed because they cannot maximize their sales and profits. The strategies to repair this mistake can be observed from the largest online market in the world: Amazon.

They used a simple trick: showing related products to the ones the customers are purchasing, and combining them into cheaper bundles. This encourages customers to buy more and to become loyal customers. This strategy fits any niches, and now you will know how to apply it in your business with Funnel Secrets. It contains learning materials, automated tools, and footprints so that you can build passive sales funnels for any niches. Now, let start exploring the details about this packages with my Funnel Secrets Review!

Funnel Secrets Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Sam Bakker
  • Product: Funnel Secrets
  • Launch Date: 2017-Sep-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend

What is Funnel Secrets?

funnel secrets

Funnel Secrets is a complete solution for online marketing, no matter which niches you are investing in. Its main objectives are to help you build passive sales funnels to any products, and to increase your incomes and traffic. In order to achieve these goals, it teaches you how to make offers that your customers want by combining related products to cheaper packages.

sam bakker

            Sam Bakker

The strategies used by this product is universal; they are effective in any niches, businesses, or markets. So you can be assured that you can get benefits when you try this product. Moreover, Funnel Secrets is not just a course; it has modern applications that you can use to automate the earning process and reduce your workload. It also gives you successful real-life examples which you can replicate with ease.

Sam Bakker is the author of Funnel Secrets, he is an online marketing expert. He is also a famous product creator & affiliate on JVZoo. In the last 2 years , he has made over 5 millions dollar online.

What are the Features of Funnel Secrets?

Making Offers That Your Customers Want

Adding different products to one package is sales trick used by a many companies, across all niches. You can see this situation everywhere, from companies like McDonald, Amazon, eBay, etc. to the supermarkets near your house. This strategy is universal since it gives customers what they really want, and you will learn how to make this type of offers, while still get massive profits, with the training from Funnel Secrets.

Reducing Traffic Investments

When you let the customers get a lot of things they want in one stop with a reasonable price, you can turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Thus, they will revisit your places in the future and tell your acquaintances about you. As a result, you will get more traffic without paying huge sums of money to traffic boosting agencies.

Blueprints from Real-Case Studies

In fact, if you are still in doubt that the strategies used by big corporations can be used in your business, there are real-life examples from successful marketers contained in Funnel Secrets. Furthermore, how the detailed plan due to which they get success will also be presented to you, and you can replicate these example without troubles.

Make Your Business Autopilot

As I mentioned, this product is a complete package for online marketing. It gives you tools to automate your sales funnels, even when you are doing your business entirely with other people’s products.

Done-For-You Funnel Templates

There are premade sales funnel templates for you if you don’t want to risk creating a new one. Your only task is to apply these templates to your products, and let them go online while you are enjoying profits and a good life.

video tape

Moreover , by spending $17 , you can also get free access to:


Insider strategies to profit from other people’s products:

In this video series, you’ll see how to profit with products you don’t need to make yourself. They’ll cover multiple options for creating complete funnels from scratch … and how to quickly add upgrades to your own core offers. Huge time saver that’s perfect for both beginners and advanced marketers looking to scale.

facebook card

Private JVZoo Academy FB Group Community

Network with fellow marketers and experts … see what’s working now and stay up to date with the latest funnel conversion methods


Who Should Buy It?

Marketers who have just begun their businesses should consider trying Funnel Secrets seriously.

Why? Because it brings immediate effects, and the learning materials are comprehensible without any requirements of experience or knowledge.

Moreover, sales funnels and real-case studies are included, you can kickstart your business from the success of veteran marketers.

Furthermore, any marketers who want a new breath to their businesses will get benefits from this course. The strategies taught to you are universal and potent; they bring massive profits to a lot of people and companies. You will be able to triple your incomes and traffic without any investments.


If you join funnels secrets, you will claim the following bonuses:

training webinar

Bonus #1 Two Training Webinars

In these two sessions, you’ll get an inside look at how funnels work and the best ways to use them in your business. You’ll discover shortcuts as well as the mistakes to avoid … then be able to create funnels-on-demand any time you or your clients need them.


ecommerce workshop

Bonus #2 Impulse Funnels For eCommerce Workshop

eCom store owners and physical product vendors often miss great profit opportunities. This live workshop is going to show you how to increase sales at the point of purchase with targeted, impulse funnels.


Take Action Now!

Now, the price is only $17, so if you intend to buy Funnel Secrets , action now because the price will increase rapidly. Remember you can try it out for 30 days money back guarantee - no question asked !



Pros and Cons


  • Proven strategies used by big companies
  • Automate the earning process
  • Increase traffic without costs
  • Get long-term customers
  • Get profits from other people’s products
  • Make profitable offers that your customers want
  • Low cost


  • You need to buy the oto to apply his strategies to your own business perfectly
Funnel Secrets Review – The Powerful Weapon for Online Marketing
This strategy works whether you're a bit seller of products online or you're just getting started. These Sales Funnels allow you to automatically present NEW offers to customers as soon as they've purchased your product. Apply this strategy and you can expect to see profit increases of up to 3 times.
9 Total Score
Highly Recommend

This strategy works whether you're a bit seller of products online or you're just getting started. These Sales Funnels allow you to automatically present NEW offers to customers as soon as they've purchased your product. Apply this strategy and you can expect to see profit increases of up to 3 times.

User Rating: 4.85 (1 votes)

Funnel Secrets Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for newbie?

Yes! There’s no better time to discover the power of funnel sales than when you’re starting out. They can literally make or break your business. Instead of struggling for $10 or $20 sales … one at a time … you can start seeing automated $30, $60 and even higher sales come into your business.

You’re an intermediate / advanced marketer with funnels already in place. How will this help you?

High Converting Funnels will show you how to optimize your conversions and plug any “leaks” in your existing funnels. With pricing strategies and options that convert more “upsell” sales … advanced techniques to automate your business … including ways to setup automated funnels in new niches with products you don’t make yourself

Do these methods only work on JVZoo?

Funnel strategy is universal and the sales process is the same on any platform.
While these systems have been optimized for those marketing on JVZoo, they can easily be applied to ClickBank, WarriorPlus and any other eCommerce network.

What If You Don’t Have My Own Product Yet?

While I always recommend creating at least one core product, it’s not essential when you’re starting out. You can use the methods to find other people’s products to create your own profitable funnels … then scale up when you’re ready.

Won’t I Risk “Annoying” My Customers By Offering Upgrades?

Funnel strategy is all about risk and reward. A tiny percentage of people don’t like being offered upgrades … but most really like the option. It all goes back to the McDonald’s example of “would you like fries with that?”
Funnels simply introduce options to customers they may not have considered, and the end result is increased customer value and retention.


Funnel Secrets is what you need to replicate the business strategies and plans from big companies. You will get several benefits from one purchase: increase your traffic and revenue, get loyal customers, replicate the success of veteran marketers, etc.

Considering the benefits you can get, the front-end price of just $17 of this product seems a bargain. There are 30 days of money back guarantee too, so why don’t you try a proven method that can earn you thousands of dollars per month?



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