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FanInviter review: Get 3x More Fan Page Likers with 1 Click!

Hey there! It’s a perfect day here and I have just got my FanInviter review access. So, this post will be one of my most honest reviews about Facebook booster tools.

The FanInviter software is launching soon and many people have been asking me a lot about it. After a few days of experiencing this software, I think now I have all information needed for you all. So, let’s check my FanInviter review below to see what is has to offer.


FanInviter Review


You know that today every business throws most of their money in social media marketing. Facebook and other social media networks are endless goldmine of customers and prospects for any kinds of businesses.

With the Facebook Ads, a few years ago, people are making millions of dollar just by promoting through this kind of ads. But today, when ads get saturated, it’s becoming more about the organic audience.

While getting people like your posts is already hard, the road is rockier to make them like your fan page. Yes, they can randomly see your posts on their news feed, but they barely click on your page and like it.

That means the other posts where you directly promote your products will not be seen by most of your audience.

FanInviter is here to fix that. This software will help you to turn all of your post likers to your fan page likers. And that means you will have the chance to get your product posts showed to all of your fans. The ROI and Conversion rates will be much higher with this.

To know all the rest about FanInviter and how it does the job, check my FanInviter review below to see what it has.


What is FanInviter?

FanInviter Review – Product Summary


  • Creator: Andrew Darius
  • Launch Date: May 16, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Official Price: $27
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended
  • Customer Support: Excellent
  • Niche: Social Media Marketing
  • Refund: 30 days money back guarantee

FanInviter is a brand new and cutting-edge software in terms of Facebook marketing which helps you invite all post likers to like your page. This is the first software to allow people turn all likers of a post to like the page at once with only a single click.

You know, when a person likes your post only, they will see no further information about your page. Of course for the standard strategy, the post that people likes is just viral content which has no branded information, so people will easily get interested in it. You will have to promote the products in another post which would most likely to not get showed in that person’s news feed.

Not, except that the person likes your page too. You know what I mean here?

To see how FanInviter make that work, check the following parts to see its features. But first, let’s get to Andrew Darius and see some details about this creator.


About Andrew Darius

Andrew Darius

This is the man behind FanInviter.

He is a popular product creator on many online networks and has been making dozens of useful tools for marketers and on top of launch leaderboards all the time. Each of them has converted thousands of customers and earned Andrew 6-figure income per launch.

If you want to check them yourself, search for the names and see their records. Some typical products are Video Converter, VideoPal, Explandio, and more.

Key Features of FanInviter

The list below is what I see the most interesting things about FanInviter. Check them out and you will see the uniqueness of it:

Generate Unlimited Fan

As I mentioned above, FanInviter converts all likers of a post on your fan page to likers of the page itself. This process can be applied to every posts on your page and you can repeat it as many times as you want. All you have to do is run the process and all post likers are guaranteed to be invited.

1-Click To Convert Likers

After installing the software, you will see the button on every post of yours. So it’s as easy as click that button and wait a few seconds for the software to run by itself. You will get notification when it’s done.

Easy Online Installation

It’s an extension for website browsers so you only have to upload the file to your browser. The software will be installed in seconds and you will have to refresh the Facebook tab to use it.


You can check the demo video of FanInviter right below to have the closest look at it:

Take Action Now!

Now, the price is only $27, so if you intend to buy FanInviter , action now because the price will increase rapidly. Remember you can try it out for 30 days money back guarantee - no question asked !


Who should buy this software?

FanInviter will be a time saver for all social media managers and online marketers to get up to 3 more fans on page. This is also a great tool for product creators, affiliates, shop owners, and so on to build a fan page with a massive number of likers and fans. More fans means better conversion rates and more sales.

FanInviter Review – Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • No skill or experience required.
  • Make great and positive impact on your list
  • Great support from the support team

The Cons

  • It converts the post likers to page likers, meaning you have to get a lot of post likers first.
  • Works on Chorme only

My Verdict

FanInviter review: Get 3x More Fan Page Likers with 1 Click!
The idea of FanInviter is interesting and I see that it really works. My fan base has increased by 180% more and there will be more. When people like your page, they will see all posts including the sales videos and posts to promote your products. It’s like leveraging your number of leads, conversions, and sales.
8.9 Total Score
Highly Recommended

The idea of FanInviter is interesting and I see that it really works. My fan base has increased by 180% more and there will be more. When people like your page, they will see all posts including the sales videos and posts to promote your products. It’s like leveraging your number of leads, conversions, and sales.

User Rating: 4.45 (1 votes)

FanInviter Review – FAQs

The software need to be download to be used or it be available online?

FanInviter is NOT an Cloud-based software, so you have to download it to your computer where it will be yours to use.

How many computers you can install FanInviter on?

It depends on your license, FanInviter Standard ($27) allows you to install the program on only one computer. Larger licenses are available for many computers.

What are the system requirements for FanInviter?

FanInviter can run on most Windows or Mac with latest Chrome manufactured in the past 5 years as long as it has minimum of 4GB ram and enough storage space.

How many fanpages you can use FanInviter on?

Unlimited, install this software onto you computer and it works on all fanpages you have

What kind of license do I get on this page ( with the price $27)?

You will get personal license, which allows you to use FanInviter only for your own business ( 1 computer). If you want to use FanInviter in many computers or to sell services to your clients, you can upgrade option available inside.

Do you have to pay for future update?

All updates are FREE for the duration of the license !

Can you get money back if you unsatisfied with FanInviter?

Definitely, they do have 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just drop them a note and they will refund your purchase.

Is there a monthly fee to use FanInviter?

Currently, FanInviter is being offered with a onetime payment. They will switch to a recurring membership model in future where new customers will have to pay a monthly fee for software use. BUT if you order now, you’re grandfathered so you will never be billed again!

FanInviter Review Conclusion

30 days money back


This software is coming live on May 17, 2017, at a very affordable price of $27. Notice that this price is only a limited time offer which will be valid for a few first days.

The final price after launch will most likely to be $37-47. So, if you want to get a copy of this handy tool, take the offer from Andrew today to secure the best price. The following link will lead you to the official sales page where you can get your copy of FanInviter.



As usual , you’ll get my bonus after purchasing on my site.

All my bonuses was bought by me.They are training courses, themes, plugins or softwares which can be used without license and are not null or crack version.To claim the bonuses, after completing transaction, please forward the receipt to me at: support@mark-review.com


This is all I’ve got in my FanInviter review. Further questions about FanInviter will be supported by comments. Thank you for reading!

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There are FREE extensions in the market or some awesome that costs 4 euro. This one is too bad.

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