Explaindio Player Review – The Secret to Convert each View of your Video into Sales

YouTube is going to have a change that is not beneficial for the marketers. Let’s see what it is and how to cope with it in this Explaindio Player Review.

ExplaindioPlayer review


From September 25th, YouTube will launch a new rule for video playback. It will not allow any browser to auto-play embed YouTube videos with audio. In other words, when you see a video, It will just sit there, waiting for the viewers to be clicked.

This change will pose a big threat to sale & marketing works. Without the auto-play feature, the engagement will fall accordingly. However, it is not the end of the world, it is what my Explaindio Player Review is for.

If you are struggling with this change, do not worry, this tool will help you out. Explaindio Player enables you to auto-play your embed YouTube videos and add an “enable sound” button to it.

Product Summary:

  • Vendor: Andrew Darius et al
  • Product Name: Explaindio Player
  • Launch Date: 2018-Sep-19
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Type: Software
  • Niche: Video Marketing

What Is Explaindio Player?

Explaindio Player is a video player that solves all problem from the change made by YouTube to almost all browsers. It is a next-gen video player with all the fundamental features plus the premium ones, including the ability to auto-play video.

And the best thing about this tool is that it does not disturb the viewers if they do not want to turn the sound on. It thus provides the “click for sound” feature with which viewers can unmute the videos in just a click.

With ExplaindioPlayer, you will be able to put your YouTube videos on any website and make it auto-play in mute mode. This tool works with all browsers, including the most popular ones – Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

About the Creator – Andrew Darius

Andrew Darius

Andrew Darius is a man of dedication, He has spent several years to develop digital products in the marketing and sales fields. Some of his most remarkable products are Explaindio, VideoPal, VideoRobot…

Explaindio Player is one of his most recent products relating to digital marketing. As Andrew always catches up with the changes and trends in the industry, he developed Explaindio Player as a tool to help marketers maximize the conversion.

We will now get to know more of it values in the next parts of my ExplaindioPlayer Review.

What Are the Great Features of Explaindio Player?

Full control over the look and feel of your video

With Explaindio Player, you can customize your video and add it to any website. This tool will not charge you any hosting fee, despite the website you put your videos on.

Also, you can select the exact start and end time of your video, set them to autoplay, and even put them in loops. This feature is especially useful for viral short videos and meme gifs.

Regarding the format, you can freely adjust the width and height of your videos. The full responsive mode will help them look stunning on any device.

Put your video in frames

Explaindio Player enables you to use custom frames on your videos. These frames will help you get more eyeballs, making it attractive and highly engaging. Putting your videos in frames not only make them look professional but also focus your viewers’ attention much more effective.

Put your video vertically and horizontally

People are using more mobile phones than ever. Explaindio Player will help you to set up vertical videos, bringing you more attention from the viewers. On the desktop, Explaindio Player will display your videos horizontally, making them easier to watch and engage.

Work with any online video

This feature is what makes my Explaindio Player Review worth reading. This tool can apply all of its features to any online video. Whether it is from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Amazon S3, or any private server, Explaindio Player has it ready for you.

Other premium features

Explaindio Player also comes with many premium features that will definitely stun you out:

  • Select preview image/ thumbnail picture for your video
  • Display social sharing buttons
  • Add any CTA, link, content below your video
  • Edit and add a custom watermark to brand your video

Who Should Use It?

Explaindio Player is Must Have For Everybody Using YouTube Videos On Web Pages. Chrome, Safari, and soon more browsers no longer auto-play embed YouTube videos with audio. Videos just sit there stopped, waiting for the viewer to click. This creates a big problem for sellers because without auto-play, engagement and sales could fall significantly.

ExplaindioPlayer allows you to auto-play videos from YouTube, and adds an “enable sound” icon for the user to enable sound.

This tool is one of the easiest tools I have ever experienced. It seems to set a new bar to video auto-play on any website. And if you want to the most out of your video campaigns, ExplaindioPlayer is a useful tool you should consult from.

In other words, ExplaindioPlayer is perfect for the newbies. You don’t need any knowledge about coding and website developing. Just a few clicks of your mouse and your videos will appear on any page with the auto-play feature.

Personal Experience

ExplaindioPlayer is a helpful software tool in most of my video campaigns. And what I like the most about it is that it frees me from the steep cost of video services.

With ExplaindioPlayer, I can do almost all of my video works by myself. And as stated in my ExplaindioPlayer Review, this tool is very simple. It is not just a shiny object, it gives you what it claims.

Honestly speaking, ExplaindioPlayer is a simple yet very high-quality tool. It has helped me to significantly leverage the sales and engagement from my videos.

Explaindio Player Review – The Secret to Convert each View of your Video into Sales
9.1 Total Score
Highly Recommended

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Final Thoughts

ExplaindioPlayer gives you all the premium features pro video marketers use to boost viral traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales even more.

Those include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, timed clickable call to action, watermark and custom video thumbnail.

While videos played from Facebook already include their social sharing options, you still want to give a viewer a chance to share on other major social networks, and share on Facebook videos not played from it.

ExplaindioPlayer social sharing options allow viewers to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkendIn, Google+ and post comments for YouTube video to maximize viral potential.

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