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Are you looking for a funnel builder that could actually work? Find out more in my convertri review, maybe this is what you have been looking for.

convertri review


For those whose job involves launching products or services frequently, creating sales funnels to generate leads is an incredibly challenging task. In the past, people used to send your visitors to a page that has a PayPal button on it, which was actually very outstanding at that time. As the business gets more and more competitive, this way become ineffective.

In this Convertri Review, I would like to introduce to you an amazing tool that helps build funnels much more effectively than previously. It’s called Convertri. If you are searching for an honest yet general over the product, follow my review and find out more details about it.

Let’s get started!

What is Convertri?


Product Overview

  • Creator: Andy Fletcher
  • Product Name: Convertri
  • Launch Date: 2017-Oct-31
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $297
  • Official Website: https://www.convertri.com/
  • Niche: Software
  • Refund: 14 days money back
  • Recommend: Highly Recomended

Convertri is a funnel builder that helps create funnels in the most innovative way. This funnel builder is far more different than what you usually see in similar products.

Convertri is known as a super effective page editor. It is, until now, one of the scarcest tools that do not base much on content blocks. It depends on you how to put the elements to create stunning designs.

For that reason, convertri is used for up to 3000 customers around the world in more than 80 different countries.

About author

Andy Fletcher is the man behind Convertri. In the field of online marketing, he has been known as a successful and devoted creator who has launched a lot of products. Some products that he used to launch and receive good responses from the audiences are Video Traffic X, Digi Traffic Generator, Leadz.io and so much more!

Detailed Features of convertri

In this part of the Convertri Review, I would like to point out the features that make this tool really amazing. Let’s check out!

Fast hosting

One of the things I love about Convertri is that it lets us use Fastly – the most innovative content delivery network to host the page. Consequently, your page will be served by one out of their 400 servers.

With Fastly, your sales page is going to be always up and running. It will never be down for any seconds. The best part? You do not get to spend any extra fee for the hosting at all, it is a part of your membership.

Drag and drop page builder

The built-in editor inside the dashboard allows you to flexibly edit by just dragging and dropping any element to anywhere you want. With Convertri, you don’t have to suffer fixed and boring templates with predefined boxes anymore. It’s you who decide where to place elements (text, videos, boxes, popup, countdown timer..)

HTML pages

The pages will be created in the form of HTML and will not build layover on your WP sites. That explains why your pages are loaded superfast.

Page importer

Last but not least, Convertri allows users to pull any website into the editor, then you adjust, then republish. And it’s done!  Imagine how fast it will be if you can transfer amongst a lot of funnels in some minutes.

Page triggers and behaviours

Element and layer-level triggers let you fire events when your visitor takes a certain action. This is an excellent way to create effects like lightboxes, enhancing your visitor’s site experience.

What the video to see a page created in under 10 minutes


Funnel Planner

After finishing creating pages of many kinds, you then can combine the pages into the funnel just by some simple clicks.

A Permanent Plan

Stop relying on old photos of the diagram on your whiteboard. With Convertri, you can plan out your funnel, come back in two weeks, and instantly see how everything fits together.

Easy Share And Import

Funnel share codes let you create whole funnels and send them easily to your business partners – or import full funnels that they’ve created for use in your own business.

Completely free-form editor

Plan out your funnel with complete flexibility. Add, move, and rearrange your pages with our simple drag and drop system.

Identify weak spots

Conversion stats are displayed with every page in your funnel, so you can see which pages are doing well and which need further testing

Mobile Page Creator

With convertri, your mobile experience isn’t limited to ’whatever the editor gives you’.

You can either use convertri’s automatic conversion as-is, or treat it as a starting point and adjust it however you like.

Optimization tools

A/B Split Testing

Set up as many split tests as you want to get the perfect high-converting page.

Accurate reporting

Ever been told you had 108 opt-ins from 80 clicks? Yeah, us too. That’s why Convertri uses Snowplow for click-tracking – it’s the most accurate and powerful tracking system on the web, and you get it all as part of the service.

Deep-level data

Which button’s working best? Convertri gives you the overall conversion for your page and stats on the individual links inside it, so you can see exactly where your sales are coming from.

Who should use it?

This funnel builder is specifically designed for those who are looking forward to building incredible pages and funnels. Using Convertri, you will be much surprised to find out how much time you can save thanks to the tool.

What I want to emphasize in this Convertri Review is that any prior experience or skill is unnecessary. Convertri is simple, newbie friendly and on top of that, the vendor gave many tutorials to help you out. This is a tool for everyone.

Pros and cons


  • Build funnels pretty fast
  • Flexibly edit
  • Newbie friendly


  • You need time to get used to with the dashboard
  • Quite expensive

User experience

What I want to share in this Convertri Review is my own experience after trying Convertri for a while. Let’s see if it can help you.

I was impressed by the fact that Convertri is one of the first funnel builder focusing on speed. It allows fast loading and flexible setup of pages and funnels.

What’s more, you can create funnels just as how you want it to be. I have used the funnel created by Convertri in my business, and it could actually generate more leads than I expected.

If you want a tool that uses a modern technology, then Convertri is a good choice as it has Fastly which you can save a huge sum of money from hosting. This tool is a must have for those who are looking a long-term solution.

Purchase Now
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Now, the price of convertri is $297 per year, if you intend to buy it, action now because the price will increase up to $697 after launch.

The Bottom Line

As I said, Convertri is for those who are willing to spend an investment to gain results in the long run. If you are not so sure about your business, I don’t think this product is a good way to go.

If you need another funnel builder with lower price , Instant Funnel Lab is a good choice, It costs only $27.95 for lifetime version with fully functions.

This is the end of my Convertri Review. I would appreciate your time on this review. I wish you all the best!

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