AdBuddy Review – Masterclass Facebook Ads Builder

 To make converting ads, you need a lot of skills in design, marketing, copywriting, etc. However, AdBuddy can eliminate the learning curve and help you to make stunning, attractive ads right away.  

AdBuddy Review


The traffic pool of Facebook seems unlimited with more than two billion regular users. For online marketers who are seeking stable incomes, it is essential to promote their products on the largest social media network. However, the majority of Facebook ads fail to make any impacts because their creators do not fulfill the requirements in skills and marketing experience.

To make your ads appealing and stunning in the viewers’ eyes, you probably need competent design abilities. You also have to understand the psychology of your customers and use suitable words or graphics to satisfy them. It is seemly impossible to make converting ads without several times of trials and testing.

Most people do not have enough time for this task, but AdBuddy is here to save the day. It is an application for professional ads creation. On top of that, it acts as an advisor that helps you to make stunning ads based on the experience of 7-figure marketers.

What Is AdBuddy?


Product Overview

  • Vendor: Tom Yevsikov
  • Product: AdBuddy
  • Sales Page:
  • Launch Date: 2018-Mar-11
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend

AdBuddy is a product made by Tom Yevsikov who has gathered thousands of sales on platforms such as JVZoo or Warrior Plus. This application has a very simple user interface so that everyone can start working with it for the first time they try. However, the ads made by this platform are not the common ones.

The application has hundreds of well-designed templates for you to base your ads on. Furthermore, when you are customizing your ads, it will tell you how you can improve your ads and get more attention, traffic, and sales.

Outstanding Features of AdBuddy?

Simplified User Interface

The dashboard of AdBuddy is extremely basic and comprehensible. You can easily know all of its features after a quick look.

Huge Library of Templates

Designing is one of the most challenging tasks for online marketers. The appearance of your ads has to be not only gorgeous but also able to leave deep impressions on the viewers. If you can complete this requirement, your ads will never generate profits.

Normally, you must hire a professional designer in cases you do not have any design skills, but this is a costly option. Thankfully, AdBuddy offers you hundreds of templates made by veteran designers. You just need to pick a template and start making your ads immediately.

Full Customization

AdBuddy also plays the role of an image editor. However, you do not have to spend hours learning to use it like Photoshop. You can change the texts, field, sizes, and other aspects of your images by simply dragging, dropping, or clicking on them.

Add Emoticons and Other Elements.

To impress your viewers better, you can add funny or emotional emoticons and comments to your ads. Aside from them, it is also possible to include other graphics such as badges, shapes, buttons, etc. with ease.

Smart Companion

This is the feature that makes AdBuddy different from other applications on the market. When you are in the ads editor, there will be an animated cute crocodile on the bottom right of the screen. It tells you multiple tips to improve your ads. Those tips come from 7-figure marketers, so you can apply them with guaranteed success.

Ads Checker

After you finish your ads creation, you can use this function to check whether or not your ads match the psychology of Facebook users to make necessary adjustments.


You do not have to install AdBuddy on any smartphones or computers since it runs on powerful servers.

Data Analyzer

AdBuddy monitors the performance of your ads closely. You will know which ads are earning money and which are not so that you can increase the strategies of your business.

How It Works?

Follow this simple instruction, and you can make monetizing, stunning Facebook ads with no problem:

  • Step 1: Sign in your account
  • Step 2: Create a new ads campaign and pick a suitable template from the library
  • Step 3: Customize it to fit your taste and purposes. You should follow the advice of the smart companion.
  • Step 4: Check your ads and watch it goes viral.

For more information, you can check out this demo video:

What Makes AdBuddy an Essential Choice for Online Marketers?

Professional Facebook Ads Maker

If you have not been able to create converting, impressive ads to promote your products, AdBuddy is the perfect solution for you. Its professional templates will help you to capture the heart of your viewers effortlessly and consistently.

Also, you can easily customize your ads and track their performance for future improvements. With AdBuddy, you will be able to convert Facebook users into buyers and leads effectively.

No Requirements and Minimal Investment Needed

Traditionally, a lot of time, money, and experience are needed to succeed with Facebook promotional campaigns. Fortunately, the creator of AdBuddy used his work to eliminate the steep learning curve and to allow any marketers to make converting, monetizing, and impressive ads without skills, thinking, or struggles.

Let the simple image editor, the smart companion, or the ads checker do the hard work. Your resources can be used for different tasks while your profits are steadily rising.

Pros and Cons


  • Professional ads templates
  • Easy-to-use image editors
  • Comprehensible user interface
  • Smart companion and ads checker
  • Detailed tracking data
  • No requirement to use.


  • Need Internet to use it
AdBuddy Review – Masterclass Facebook Ads Builder
8.8 Total Score
Highly Recommended

User Rating: 4.65 (1 votes)

The Conclusion

The features and approaches of AdBuddy are truly innovative for online marketing. No matter who you are, a veteran marketer or a complete newbie, you can utilize the software to its full potential. You can make gorgeous, stunning, and highly-converting Facebook ads without any design, copywriting, or marketing skills.

For just $37, you will get an ads creator and an advisor which provides valuable insights of a 7-figure marketer. This product also represents no risk since you can always get a refund within 30 days of purchase.

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