8 Facts about Building Backlinks

Building backlinks in SEO has always been a complicated and risky task for SEOers. If you just hit the ground running with no proper strategy, you will run the risk of losing all your effort in vain.


8 facts about building backlinks


There are millions of articles about backlinks and building backlink created every day from every corner of the world. Some authors are really kind and willing to help; they also have expertise in the related field. They shared many tactics, instructions on how to effectively build the backlink and create an effective SEO campaign.

Meanwhile, there are not as few mean guys; they keep sharing the wrong ways. Sometimes they are the ones who failed using those methods but want others to fail the same way.  Some others have no specialty in the field, also keep sharing like they are the experts. This leads to numerous misunderstandings for those who are learning about building backlinks.

The worst part is, some authors even assure that their strategies will not ever be affected by the Penguin algorithm. They attempt to create the reliability and belief in the readers and encourage them to follow their instructions.

Since the birth of anti-spam Penguin algorithm, it has been leaving an enormous fear over the heads of the spammers. People have been ebulliently talking about it, and countless articles about defending against the manual operation of the infamous Penguin algorithm made their ways to the world. Some popular articles are “How not to be chastised by Penguin”, “How to slaughter Penguin”, “Penguin Real – there is nothing to be afraid of”.

SEOers seem to be deluding themselves while saying they cannot be affected by Penguin. Below are 9 reasons why I said so.

1. No backlink building strategy comes with no risk

Are you sure you know which links are accepted by Google’s link schemes? Theoretically, you all know that links with no follow will not be penalized by Google. However, what will happen when your link profile consists of links that are all no-follow links? It may sound weird, but Google will immediately put you on the blacklist for frequent visiting.

2. You don’t need to care much about whether or not your backlink is natural

I am sure that you and I used to see some backlink and reckon that it is naturally shared by the users. The fact is someone actually paid for it. Conversely, there are many links that we think were purchased when in fact they were not. They are the backlinks that users naturally put on. There are many acute people in the field of backlink building that can easily dodge and cheat on Google’s algorithm. And not many times you can see their hidden tactics.

There are many clues and information from which you can say whether a backlink is natural or paid. However, I am telling you that any search engine like Google and Bing cannot recognize and distinguish the two.

Backlink is money

3. Any website can be affected by backlinks

The stories of penalized start-up sites are no strange to the SEOers. Still, there are not as few big brand names encountered the problems relating to backlinks. Many think that Google cannot notice the websites of big organizations and businesses. The fact is adverse, any site is equally treated, there is no exception for violating Google’s policies.

Typically seen in the recent time is the involvement to Google Penalty of Violet – one of the most famous online teaching and library sites in Vietnam. Violet was penalized for 1 week long with the highest penalty (you cannot see any page index and any search result related to its domain name). If you choose not to build the backlinks, you may not achieve the high ranking on Google Search. If you are building the backlinks, you are going on a troublesome way.

4. Unsightly link profile still can be ranked highly for a long time

Right after Google’s anti-spam algorithm – Penguin algorithm was created, world SEO forum have witnessed a lot of frequent penalties for websites all over the world. Website administrators started to purify the links, maintain the links they thought were good for them and use Disavow feature of Google Webmaster Tool on many bad links and domains. All to hope that their web’s ranking will be improved. However, the fact is not what they supposed, many websites drop along the ranks, even to the lower ranks than on the Google’s search ranking list.

I used to witness a lot of website with unsightly link profile; the backlinks are from penalized domains, spam websites, and bad content websites. And even though they were blocked by the SEOers, they still can rank impressively on Google Search for a long time. You can say that those websites do not deserve to high rank, you can keep submitting your reports to Google, but the results will not get any better, not to mention all your effort may be lost in vain.

5. Possessing a high-quality backlink profile does not guarantee a high rank

It is entirely possible that high-ranking site will suddenly fall to the lower ranks and lag behind your competitors. Your profile may be higher-quality with links from reputable websites of gov domain of the government and edu domain of the education, but they are still not enough to get you over your competitors. And the sad thing still happens whether you like it or not.

lose in seo

6. You may receive unfair treatment from the algorithm

Come back to the first thing I said about natural backlinks. You can say that the backlinks were not put by you, but by the users. However, there is no proof provided by Google that those are good backlinks that meet its standard. Google can just say natural backlinks are ones put by the users. So basically, there is no exact criterion for the backlinks.

If your link profile consists of too many links from the website, anyone of us can understand that there will be a penalty from Google, when in fact, it is not always the case. You probably get surprised to know that your website is not penalized. Of course, there is always a possibility that your website is within the view field of manual operation.

I used to see many articles instructing how to put natural backlinks to the landing pages that will not deserve the penalty. However, the result is that those websites were still penalized as normal. So, there are times when the algorithm will not be fair to you, and in SEO, there is nothing fair.


7. You tried to follow a regulation on building backlinks, and it still does not work

Maybe you tried everything you can to follow the webmaster guidelines of Google; you have many high-quality content, natural backlinks from the users, but you may not achieve the expected results. You may be still penalized by the algorithm.

rules & regulations in backlink building

8. You did not comply with Google’s regulation but never get any penalty

What I say about Google’s regulation may irritate some people, but it’s a fact. Many of your competitors on the SEO battlefield do not obey the rules of Google while still possessing the higher ranks than you. You always tried to do the right things, but the rankings are still behindhand. It’s just like the traffic law. Sometimes you exceed the limit speed, if you are stopped by the policemen, you are sure to be fined. Meanwhile, there are others who frequently break the rule; they are always ready to turn back running or maybe they have never stopped by the policemen!

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