5 SEO-friendly Modifications for Niche Site that You Should Do Now

While discussing in many SEO-er forums, I realized that there are many people SEO the content to the top yet having traffic problems. And they seem to earn less than their competitors, even though their rank was higher. In this article, I am going to summarize the to-do list that will help you improve the traffic level for a niche site. Even those who are beginners and haven’t ranked can apply these methods from the beginning to avoid trial and error works.

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If you read through my article, you will realize that I did actually double the traffic in just 1 month using the following methods.


Tablepress plugin is a super easy-to-use and effective plugin to create the comparison table between the products. You may choose not to use this plugin, and instead, you want to use some more eye-catching table plugin. However, if you are not using this plugin or not using any similar plugin for your site, it’d be a great shortcoming. You are losing the chance to be shown on Google as the so-called “Featured snippets in search”

Featured snippets in search

Specific and detailed searching results will definitely attract more clicks than regular ones. Thus, it does not mean that using plugin and comparison table will make Google rank your site to the top. There are various factors for your site to be prioritized, such as trust, good content, backlink, etc. However, there is one thing that I am sure of. If you do not use this kind of plugin, you are not going to have any chance to show the comparison table on the searching results.

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Use table of content plus (TOC+) plugin

Use table of content plus

This plugin allows you to optimize more keywords and rank the keywords that are not even in the title. If good optimization is combined with a harmonious use of keywords in h2 and h3 tags, you can optimize many keywords that cannot be all contained by the title.

Using this method enables you to rank more keywords. This also explains why your competitor can have more traffic with lower rank. They know how to properly optimize the keywords.

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Accelerate WordPress

Accelerate WordPress

Loading speed does affect SEO. This is an indisputable fact. The majority of people doing niche site are not specialized in WordPress while everything is related to the plugin. Using too many plugins and lacking knowledge on plugin optimization will slow down the loading speed. And this definitely affects SEO in negative manners.

I myself am a jackleg in WordPress, so I am not going to deeply intervene in accelerating WordPress. However, there are some ways to upgrade the page loading speed that I usually use.

Use WP Supercache plugin

I don’t have to introduce this plugin, as you all may know about it. You just need to install it and activate it in a few clicks. It will enhance the loading speed considerably. Some of you may be using W3 Total Cache plugin, but I strongly recommend that if you’re a using a shared hosting, please use WP Supercache. It’s light and simple.

Switch to a lighter theme

If the site has many features, cutting-edge themes and the pro are favoring a certain theme, many people are likely to follow the trend. However, what you may not know is that a beautiful theme does not guarantee the effectiveness of optimization. There are many themes that allow users to customize them with drag-and-drop style, but their codes are complicated. And even if they can load fast, a complicated code never does anything good to SEO.

Use CloudFlare

I usually use Cloudflare as a DNS because when you need to change the IP, it will be updated in seconds. However, there is a feature of CloudFlare that you can utilize for accelerating the loading speed.

If you are using CloudFlare as a DNS, you can manipulate it to speed up the loading in just a few clicks as below.

use cloudflare

If you haven’t used CloudFlare before, switching to use it is recommended. Simply register and use it for free.

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Update content for money page

On average, a niche site with average SEO does not need to be on top either too early (for safety). And if the ranking is not too slow, it takes about 4-5 months to be in the top 5-6. After this period, the money page content will definitely get old. You don’t need to rewrite it completely but at least consider implementing it if you can.

Many people during the beginning time do not elaborate on the money page to make it cover all the content needed. A while after that they may realize there are a lot missing. In such circumstances, you do not need to write a new one. Instead, upgrade the money page posts to provide it with more content. And we all know that Google like the frequently updated content.

If the content is already enough, you can still update more content by looking more modern and better products. Consequently, you can update top ranking products. Another way is that if you haven’t had any natural comment on the money page, you can hire some related comments.

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This is the very last thing that I suggest you do after accomplishing the things above. If I really have to choose between reviewing a product and writing a post targeting at the keyword with 40 searches per month, I’d definitely go for the second option. Even if that keyword is not buyer keyword, writing the post is more worth.

Why would I do such a thing? Because I know that 90% of traffic come from long tail keywords. Most people optimize for keywords with high searching volume and ignore the long tail ones. They think writing for commonly searched keywords will bring a greater chance of being on the top. In fact, a site just needs to rank top 1 some keywords with lower searching volume (or keywords of the year). It can earn more than a site that ranks the main keywords to top 4-5 (I testified this because at present I have a site targeting keywords with only 70 searching times/month. It is a mini-site yet generates around $1,800/month)

I strongly hope that by applying these methods, you can see the results in the soonest time possible. For those who have just started to work on your site and haven’t ranked into the top 10, you may not see the difference. However, applying these methods will make your site optimized from the beginning.


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